In the Line of Fire
Brookline Police Who Gave Their Lives in Service to the Town
November 15, 2009

Detective McHugh presenting their stories.
McMurray Plaque
Officer McMurray Memorial
Leverett Pond
Leverett Pond rescue
McMurray Rescue Article
The rescue of the drowning 12 year old, Hartley Chamberlain
McMurray Rescue
After the rescue
Murderer House Diagram
Murder scene
Boles House Today
Boles house today, 88 Boylston St.
Boles Headline
The murdered wife
McMurray Rescue
The rum-crazed man
Other officers involved
Other officers involved
Boles Blotter
The police blotter for the murderer
Boles Police Photo
Boles mug shot
Hurley Mug Shot
The Davis Ave. house of Officer McMurray today
Emerson Park
Looking across Emerson Park from the McMurray house
McMurray Burial Plots
McMurray Burial Plots
McMurray head marker
Head marker of a child of Officer McMurray
OBrien Plaque
Officer O'Brien Memorial
Chemical Fire House
Chemical Fire House, Monmouth St.
Ivy And Carlton
Looking down Ivy St. from Carlton St.
108 Ivy
108 Ivy St. Scene of the murder.
OBrien Headline
Boston Globe Headline Story
108 Ivy
Brookline Chronicle account
OBrien Photo
Hurley Reward
Reward for Hurley's capture
Hurley Reward
$500 Reward for Hurley's capture
Hurley Mug Shot
Hurley Mug Shot
OBrien Photo
Questioning suspect Hurley at the Brookline Police station
Hurley Confession
Hurley's written confession
Hurley Execution
Hurley's Execution
Police Station
The old Brookline Police station
OBrien Photo
Memorial Stone from the old police station