In the Line of Fire
Brookline Police Who Gave Their Lives in Service to the Town
November 15, 2009

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McMurray Newspaper Article
The complete article is here. (PDF)
Reprinted from the Boston Daily newspaper October 18, 1904.
On October 17, 1904 about 5:30 PM, McMurray, again on his beat in the Village Square, was alerted by a young girl named Molly Rowan to screaming and fighting at 88 Boylston Street. It was not uncommon to hear of fighting and domestic disturbances. McMurray, accompanied by Sergeant O'Connell and Inspector Stick, ran to the building - previously converted from a small factory to a tenement. The door to the apartment was locked. McMurray split the door open with his shoulder. A shot rang out and hit the officer. McMurray turned to O'Connell and Stick and said, "I'm a goner."