In the Line of Fire
Brookline Police Who Gave Their Lives in Service to the Town
November 15, 2009

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OBrien Plaque
Now the story of Joseph O'Brien.

Like McMurray, O'Brien was a lifelong resident of Brookline, a veteran, and a family man. He lived at 104 Franklin Street in the Point neighborhood. In World War I he enlisted in the 101st Infantry of the famed Yankee Division. He was assigned to the Brookline Machine Gun Company - the same company as that of Albert Edward Scott, Devotion graduate and youngest American soldier to be killed in WW I.

O'Brien fought in at least four major battles including Belleau Wood - the battle that earned the name "Devil Dogs" for the United States Marine Corps. (Officer Jeff Emerson elaborated on that story.)

O'Brien was gassed and captured by the Germans. He escaped.

As an officer assigned to Coolidge Corner, O'Brien saved a husband and wife from a house fire on Babcock Street. After that act of heroism, the strict bans from receiving gratuities was raised so the rescued couple could award $250 to O'Brien.