Brookline Historical Society
The Brookline Historical Society is dedicated to the documentation and interpretation of Brookline's diverse history, to collecting, preserving, and maintaining artifacts of Brookline’s past, and to sharing the story of the town and its people with residents and visitors alike.

We invite you to join our efforts on behalf of present and future generations. Membership dues and donations provide essential support for our free educational programs, including lectures, open houses, and walking tours, and for the care and maintenance of our collections.

As a member you will also receive the Society newsletter, advanced notice of events, and invitations to annual members-only presentations in historic homes and buildings.

To become a member, follow the online instructions below. If you prefer to submit your membership by mail, please print and fill out this membership form (PDF) with your check made out to Brookline Historical Society.
  1. When you submit this online form you will be automatically forwarded to PayPal to complete your payment.
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  3. If you do not have a PayPal account: you can pay with a credit card and do not need to establish a PayPal account. Look for the credit card symbols on the lower left of the PayPal screen.
  4. You should receive 3 email confirmations: 1) You will receive a preliminary email acknowledging our receipt of this application; 2) PayPal will send both you and the Brookline Historical Society a confirmation of payment email; 3) When we receive notification from PayPal we will process your application and email you an official membership confirmation.

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