Brookline Historical Society
Diaries & Chronicles
  • The diary of Adeline Faxon, 1850/51
    This amazing diary of a young woman just turning sixteen is a who's who of the high school students, teachers, and the denizens of Brookline Village. It's an interesting look at daily life and we've annotated it with many photos and information pop-ups.
  • The diary of Mary Johanna Wild
    This diary chronicles the life of Mary Wild, the wife of the town physician, Charles Wild from 1851 forward.
  • The diary of Benjamin Goddard
    Covering the years of 1912 - 1854. He lived across from the reservoir on today's Rt. 9. The house was later moved to nearby 43 Sumner St. where it still stands.
  • The diaries of Caroline Barrett White (1828-1915)
    She married Francis Adams White in 1851 and the couple moved to Brookline in 1858, purchasing the historic mansion know as "Cliffside". She lived the remainder of her life there. The house still stands at the corner of Warren St. and Cottage St. See also