Brookline Historical Society
Photo Collection

Boylston St. at Cypress St, December, 1915
Looking from Cypress St. north across Boylston St. At 133 Cypress St. is the Hotel Madris. Underneath the hotel on the far left at 361 Boylston St. Is the grocery store of Lucius N. Danforth who was forced to move his newly-acquired store in the Village when the building was knocked down for the widening of Harvard St. in 1905.
[Source: Olmsted]
Northeast Corner of Boylston St. & Cypress Ave., December, 1915
Bentley Brothers Grocery Store, 315 Boylston St, on the corner.
[Source: Olmsted]
Cypress St. Looking North By Walnut St., December, 1915
Trolley tracks are on Cypress, Walnut St. feeds in from the left. On the left is the house of the Francis family at 295 Walnut. On the right is 161 Cypress. Center rear are the back of houses on E. Milton Rd.
[Source: Olmsted]
Chestnut St., November 1915
Looking southeast toward Kendall St. #60, foreground left, is still standing along with the others on that side.Only the stone fence remains on the right side.
[Source: Olmsted]