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Beacon St. & Carlton St. Before 1888
Beacon St (l to r) before widening; Carlton St. looking north; school house on corner. Note driveway of John Ruggles on the right.
Coolidge Corner District School
Removed with the widening of Beacon. Replaced by the Devotion School.
The Beacon School, Beacon St. & Summit Ave
Formerly the Elizabeth F. Raymond mansion. From a postcard.
Brookline High School, 1922, Girls League Officers
REAR: M. Bryant, E. Johnson, F. Small, K. Matsuki. FRONT: C. Rowe, L. Briggs, M. Colby, Mary Sawyer, M. Prentiss
Brookline High School, 1921, Teacher Student Council
Mary Sawyer, 2nd from right; Alice Howard Spaulding, center.
Brookline High School, 1923, Girls League
Mary Sawyer, front row, 2nd from left
Brookline High School, 1921,Girls Debating Club
REAR: M. Colby, B. Chandler, E. Neal, B. Rosenau, N. Van Ulm; FRONT: L. Hunnewell, Miss Dodge, Mary Sawyer, R. Vachon
Devotion School Class Photo, November 1905
Posing in front of the Edward Devotion house. School buildings are off-photo to the left and the right. Same view used on cover of "Voices of Brookline" a book by Larry Ruttman.
Devotion School Class Photo, November 1905
Seen in front of the Edward Devotion house. School buildings are off-photo to the left and the right.

This is one of two photos taken on the same day, likely in November 1905, related to the town’s bicentennial celebration. The time of day seems similar on both and the students and teachers appear mainly the same in both photos but posed in markedly different positions . The reason is unknown.
[Source: Brookline Preservation Department]
Devotion School, Early 1900s
Devotion School, Coolidge Corner
The original Devotion house can be seen where it stands today, in the middle of the buildings of the school. The school building on the right was built in 1892, the one on the left in 1898, and the middle building, which is still in use, in 1913.
Devotion School, 1940s
Cabot School, Marion St.
A four-room school house that opened in April 1888. Named after J. Eliot Cabot, a Brookline architect and one-time school committee member. When the school on Harvard and Pleasant streets was closed for the 1888 widening of Beacon St., the students moved to the Cabot School. Torn down in 1957 for subsidized housing now on the site.
Brookline Village, Looking Northeast, circa 1902
Foreground, left to right, all on Prospect St:
:::The southeast corner of the police station and courthouse
:::The old 1844 town hall, now the police station
:::The southwest corner of the old Pierce Grammar School, built in 1855, sections of which remain as part of the current Pierce Historical Building

Center, left to right:
::: Washington St. looking north
::: South side of the library
::: The construction of the 1901 replacement Pierce Grammar School being built facing School St. on the site of the old 1856 high school
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
Manual Training School
Manual Training School, Tappan St.
[l. to r.] Manual Training School building, still standing; Public Baths, no longer standing; Municipal Gymnasium, no longer standing.
Second High School Building
Looking from Prospect St., School St. is on the right. It was built in 1856, with funds from the bequest of Edward Devotion, and demolished circa 1901. Note the two entrances in front of building, one for boys and one for girls.
Second High School Building, With Extensions
Looking from Prospect St., School St. is on the right, the library is in the rear. This is the 1856 high school building with extensions added on both sides. By the late 1880s there was much discussion in town about the need for a bigger building to accommodate the rapidly growing population. These extensions were a stop-gap measure erected in late 1890 before the 1895 opening of the new high school building on Tappan St. It was demolished circa 1901 with the construction of the new Pierce Grammar School.
[Source: Brookline Preservation Department]
High School Fire, 1936
Runkle School, Graduating Students, 1921
Buildings demolished in 1962 and replaced by the current buildings at 50 Druce St.
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