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Devotion St. Engine House
Looking south from Babcock Pond toward Devotion St. behind the Devotion School. Gallagher house mid-left photo; Charles Stearns house far left. Babcock Pond was part of a creek system flowing south from Commonwealth Ave. and was filled in
Devotion St. Engine House
Devotion St. Engine House
Engine #2, later moved to Washington Sq. Firehouse
Fire Station, Washington Sq.
With first steamer, bought in 1873
Washington Sq. Engine #2 House
Washington St., Washington Sq. In use today. Engine relocated from Devotion Engine House
Washington Sq. Engine #2 House
Washington Sq. Engine #2 Combination 4 House
Washington Sq. Engine #2 Combination 4 House, Snow Plow
Washington Sq. Engine #2 Combination 4 House
Lower Washington St., circa 1875
Looking at the south side of Lower Washington St. High St. is just to the right. From left to right:
  • Stores in the “White Block”
  • Good Intent Hose Company No. 1
  • Thomas Parsons Steam Fire Engine (pictured in front)
  • Royal Woodward, Blacksmith

[Source: Brookline Public Library]
Hose House #1, Brookline Village, 1891
Decorated, in a deliberately macabre fashion, for the annual Horribles Parade, 7/4/1891, for which it won the best-decorated building town prize.
Fire Station #1, Brookline Village, circa 1910
From left to right:
  • 32 Allerton St., rear, high on the hill (still standing)
  • 34 Walnut St., Edward J. Kirker, Real Estate; Brookline Press
  • 38 Walnut St.: Mark Bergstein, Tailor
  • 40 Walnut St.: Eagle Hand Laundry
  • The fire station. Note underground toilets to the left.
  • 1 High St.: Michael W. Quinlan, Carriage Mfg.
  • 9 High St., brick apartment building, partial view

[Source: Brookline Preservation Department]
Good Intent Hose Company, Lower Washington St., Brookline Village
Start of Boylston St. to the right going west; lower Washington St. toward Boston to the left. Built in 1870. Forerunner of Hose House #1.

From stereoscope. "Engine and Hose House, Brookline. E.R. Hills, Photographer, Brookline Mass.” Gift of Natick Historical Society.
Hose #1 House, Lower Washington St., Brookline Village, circa 1905
Formerly Good Intent Hose Company. Note mural in middle of façade.
Lower Washington St., Brookline Village, circa 1905
The businesses viewed here, along the south side of Lower Washington St., were simultaneously sited at this location from 1904 - 1906. All the structures in this photo were demolished in 1907-1908 to make way for the new fire station which opened in 1909 and remains in use today. Note the man with his wheeled bucket, center photo, presumably scooping up horse droppings. Viewed from left to right:
  • The business with the partial view of an awning is at the corner with Walnut St., the last building in this row. The best estimation is that it is the store of James Heleotis and John Sigalos Co., fruit [1904-1906]. The awning appears to advertise "Ice Cream Sodas" mirroring the sign at the corner entranceway visible in other photos.
  • An enigmatic sign over the alleyway that seems to advertise a shooting gallery. This is currently unidentified.
  • By the delivery wagon at #126 Washington St. are William Frawley, shoemaker [1889-1907]; and a bootblack, either W. L. Jacklin [1904] or Cromwell Felton [1905-1907].
  • C. E. Riley, Cigars at #128 Washington St. [1900-1907]
  • The awning at 134 Washington St. George W. Rix, Provisions and Transfer Market [1904-1907]
  • Sing Lee, laundry, which was at #136 Washington St. for over 20 years [1883-1907]
  • Hose House #1 and Chemical Engine #1 at #140 Washington St.
  • P. J. Burns, Horse Shoe Forge at #144 Washington St. [1897-1907]
  • Also at 144 Washington St. there remains a sign for R. Woodward who had a horse-shoeing business there from the 1860s until his death in 1892
  • J. H. Pineo, carpenter and builder at 4 High St. (visible at corner of Washington St) [1901-1907]

Fire Station #1, Brookline Village, circa 1908
Washington St. in foreground coming from Huntington Ave. Boston, looking west to Boylston St. Hose House #1 and adjacent buildings torn down. New station completed in 1908 and is still in use today.
Fire Station #1, Brookline Village, 1909
Trolley station not yet evident.

From postcard mailed October 8, 1909 by Katie, 150 Cypress St. Brookline
Fire Station #1, Brookline Village, 1909
Brookline Village, circa 1910
Fire station #1 and the new trolley island
Fire Station #1, Brookline Village, circa 1910
Trolley station erected. Small bushes planted on side of station.
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