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Corey Hill

Beacon St. & Summit Ave., 1887
Looking west on Beacon St. to the left, Elizabeth F. Raymond mansion in the center, Summit Ave to the right.

From the 1887 photo series taken just before the widening of Beacon St.
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
Corey Hill Hospital, 1900s
Corey Hill Hospital, 1918
Top of Summit Ave. near Brighton border
69 Summit Ave., 1888
Residence of John Knox Marshall, house is still standing.
Summit Ave., 1888
Residence of Henry B. Eager, #72 (approx.) on Summit, no longer standing.
Summit Ave., 1888
Residence of George Francis Fabyan, at the top of Summit Ave., no longer standing.
101 Summit Ave., 1888
Residence of Jerome Jones, still standing.
Corey Hill, 1900s
York Terrace, looking southwest
Corey Hospital
Brooks Hospital, 227 Summit Ave.
Buildings still standing.
Beacon St. & Summit Ave., 1885; Elizabeth F. Raymond Mansion
Entrance seen from Beacon St.; Elbridge Wason-designed Queen Anne style homes at the bottom of Summit Ave visible on the right.This photo has an excellent view of the small ramps that were placed at the end of the planks of the wooden sidewalks.
Elizabeth F. Raymond Mansion
Just west of Summit Ave. Close-up after widening of Beacon
Beacon St. just West of Short St.
Grace Stevenson House on north side of Beacon St., just west of Short St.. House of H. B. Eager on Mason Terrace (formerly Prospect St.) visible in the upper left of photo. Likely taken in 1887 before the widening of Beacon.
Beacon St. just West of Short St.
Grace Stevenson House on Corey Hill. Houses on Prospect St. visible on the left of photo.
Corey Hill from Beacon St.
Corey Hill, seen from Aspinwall Hill
Castle-like structure was torn down in 1955
Beacon St. Just West Of Washington Sq.
Looking east, Corey Hill on the left, Washington St. crossing at the bottom of the hill. Eben Jordan mansion, built in 1890, prominent.