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Aspinwall Hill

Second Aspinwall House, Aspinwall Hill, Winthrop Rd.
Dr. William Aspinwall moved here from his former house on Aspinwall Ave.. Rear view of the house on the hill looking down toward Washington St. Front of the house is on Winthrop Rd. at the corner of Gardner Rd..
Second Aspinwall House, Winthrop Rd.
Intersection with Gardner Rd. is just to the right.
Hillcrest Guest House
111 Winthrop Rd., Aspinwall Hill; circa 1927

It was Hillcrest Guest House from the early 1920s until 1943, run by Harriet W. Pray and William C. Pray. (William died in 1932).
Aspinwall Hill, Looking SW from Lancaster Terrace
Foreground:view from rear of 65 Westbourne Terrace;
Background right: 3 apartment buildings on Garrison Rd.
[Source: Iowa State]
Aspinwall Hill, Looking SSW from Corey Hill
Background: Washington, University, Winthrop streets
Foreground right: building currently housing Athan's, corner Washington & Beacon
Background center: skyline houses on Addington Rd. Large mansion to the left with the tall spire was built by Clarence Esty at 97 Addington Rd. part of a group of Esty houses that have since been replaced by Schick Park. The spire was an observation tower equipped with a high-powered telescope that enabled detailed viewing of distant scenes.
[Source: Iowa State]
Aspinwall Hill, Looking SSW from Corey Hill
Background center: Washington, University, Winthrop streets
Foreground: rear of houses of Westbourne Terrace (from right to left: 61, 57, 53, 49, 45)
[Source: Iowa State]
Colbourne Crescent Entering Rawson Rd., November 1915
121 Colbourne Crescent foreground right is still standing, Rawson in the background is not.
[Source: Olmsted]
Rawson Rd., November 1915
Looking north toward ?. Foreground, right: #175, 179, 185, all still standing.
[Source: Olmsted]
Gardner Rd., November 1915
Looking northest from Tappan St.
[Source: Olmsted]
Gardner Rd., November 1915
Looking northeast from Tappan St., #219 Garner on the left.
[Source: Olmsted]
73 Gardner Rd.
Standing on Gardner Rd. looking up at Wintrhop Rd. Replaced the William Aspinwall house. No longer standing.
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
Tappan St. & Blake Rd., December 23, 1915
143 Tappan St. to the left is still standing.
[Source: Olmsted]