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Aspinwall House, circa 1891
Fence going along the rear of the house has been removed and new one going down the backyard has appeared. Flag pole installed on top of house.
Aspinwall House, circa 1891
St. Pauls Episcopal Church, 1912
Aspinwall Ave. to the right
St. Paul's Church
Aspinwall Ave. to the right, looking east; St Paul St to the left.
St. Paul St. at Aspinwall Ave., Looking Southwest Toward Harvard St.
Circa 1915. 79 Aspinwall foreground left. Note horses getting water at the pump with an early automobile in the background.
[Source: Olmsted]
79 Aspinwall Ave., circa 1907
Looking west toward Harvard St.
[Source: Historic New England]
89 Aspinwall Ave., circa 1907
[Source: Historic New England]
12 St. Paul St., circa 1907
No longer standing.
[Source: Historic New England]
Aspinwall Ave. & St. Paul St., St. Paul's Church
Aspinwall Ave. to the right, looking east
St. Paul St.
Looking north from Aspinwall Ave. On the left side, from left to right, numbers 30 and 40 can be partially viewed, no longer standing. In the distance on the right the triple decker of 43-45 St. Paul St. can be glimpsed, still standing.
[Source: Brookline Public Library]
Aspinwall Ave.
Looking east. Entrance to Harrison St. is on the left.
[Source: Joel Shield]
Aspinwall Ave., 1920s
Looking east from Harrison St. 194 Aspinwall Ave is the first house on the left.
Aspinwall Ave. & Harrison St., November 1915
Looking west. Horse-drawn cart is in front of #194, Harrison St. comes in after that.
[Source: Olmsted]
Aspinwall Ave. & Toxteth St., November 1915
Looking west just before Toxteth St. #168 Aspinwall Ave. is the first house on the right.
[Source: Olmsted]
Second Aspinwall House, Aspinwall Hill, Winthrop Rd.
Dr. William Aspinwall moved here from his former house on Aspinwall Ave.. Rear view of the house on the hill looking down toward Washington St. Front of the house is on Winthrop Rd. at the corner of Gardner Rd..
Second Aspinwall House, Winthrop Rd.
Intersection with Gardner Rd. is just to the right.
Hillcrest Guest House
111 Winthrop Rd., Aspinwall Hill; circa 1927

It was Hillcrest Guest House from the early 1920s until 1943, run by Harriet W. Pray and William C. Pray. (William died in 1932).
16 and 18 Bowker St.
Note room-to-let sign
16 and 18 Bowker St.
14 Bowker St. to the left. Rear of house on Brook St. to the right. Note mother, father, and two children on front porch of 16 Bowker.
Beacon St. at St. Mary's St., circa 1910
#999 Beacon St., C. H. Hitchcock, Druggist, which first opened circa 1907 and remianed at this location for sixty years. #1001 Beacon St., B.A. Freeman, Provisions is partially visible.
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