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The Brookline Historical Publication Society, formed in 1895, was a predecessor of the Brookline Historical Society.
Expand menuSecond Series, 1897-1900
  1. Three Glimpses of Brookline, In 1700, 1800; and 1900 by Marion L. Sharp
  2. Major Thompson's Deposition. Being a spirited protest to the General court by a Brookline patriot of 1775, against the forcible quartering of soldiers in his domicile.
  3. The Brookline Town Meeting
  4. The Devotion family of Brookline
  5. Extracts from the account book of John Goddard of Brookline
  6. More early notices of local events. Collected by Miss Ellen Chase.
  7. Town papers. Selected by Edward W. Baker.
  8. Brookline in the Anti-Slavery Movement by Harold Parker Williams
  9. Some works relating to Brookline, Massachusetts. By Charles Knowles Bolton.
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