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Reservoir Station, Boston and Albany Railroad
[Source: Iowa State]
Reservoir Station, Boston and Albany Railroad
[Source: Iowa State]
Reservoir Station, Boston and Albany Railroad
[Source: Iowa State]
Early Beacon St. Trolley Car
Brookline Hills Station, 1907
Brookline Hills Train Station
At Cypress St.
Brookline Ave & Washington St (Rt. 9), 1923
Looking east on Washington St. (Rt. 9) toward the Boston line, Brookline Ave. to the left. Huntington Line of the Boston Elevated Railway.
Brookline Village. Horsecar at Morss Ave & Walnut St. Stable, 1893
Last remaining horsecar; first one built in 1859. Morss Ave. has been replaced by the Brook House..
Brookline Village: Chestnut Hill Trolley (Boylston St. - Ipswich St. - Brookline Ave.)
Brookline Village Train Station, circa 1885
At Station St., looking west under the Washington St. bridge. Only entrance to White Place.

Tom Condon, Sr. Civil Engineer for Brookline writes:
It would be interesting to note that the roadway passing under the bridge to the right of the railroad was the only access to White Place at the time since it was a dead end street. When the bridge was later widened, it was also shortened so as to only cross the railroad tracks. The end of White Place was filled in to meet the grade of the new bridge. That is the reason for the retaining wall between White Place and the "D" line which is located about where the center support of the bridge is.
Railroad Station, Brookline Village
Heading east, current location of Brookline Village "D" Line stop of the MBTA. Station St. to the left
Brookline Village Train Station, Looking South
Looking south toward lower Washington St.; old Hose House #1 on south side of lower Washington St. is visible on the right
Trolley on Washington St.
Looking north toward Beacon St, passing Park Ave. on the right Right to left: #465 and #471, apartment buildings still stand. Summit Ave. hill visible in the background
Chapel Station, Carlton & Colchester St.
Flag station for the Boston and Albany Railroad and pedestrian crossing; the southern end of Carlton St. is on the left; note same man as in the Longwood Station photo and the other man at the left hand corner of the building
Longwood Flag Station, Boston and Albany Railroad
By the Longwood Ave overpass, looking east; Sears Chapel in the background; note same man as in the Chapel Station photo
Longwood Station, Boston and Albany Railroad
[Source: Iowa State]
Sear's Chapel, Longwood Station, Muddy River
Trolley Car, Brookline Village
Washington St. heading toward Rt. 9 and Boston. This is a Type Four car, in use in Boston from 1911-1950. The two brick buildings still stand.

While nominally just a photo of a subway car this photo actually contains a number of interesting details of Village life in the late 1930s. To the right is the front end of what appears to be a 1935 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Coupe. And there are glimpses of the following businesses:
  • Earl Colvin, dentist, is the clearest. He was at that location (221 Washington Street) as early as 1922 and as late as 1940. In 1944 he had moved to 1 Harvard Street.
  • Moore's, up the street, is Moore's Grille at 6-9 Harvard Square.
  • A.J. Grennan, Chiropodist.
  • Wolf & Smith, Meats. They are beneath Colvin and the name is only partly visible. They were there as early as the 1920s through at least 1944.
  • Elisabeth Cleansing Shop. The name is on the corner above the back of the trolley.
  • Daniel Goldberg. His name is on the window next to Grennan, but we don't find him in the city directories.

Trolley Barn, Boston Elevated Railway Co.
Corner Cypress and Franklin, demolished 1934. The trolleys ran along Boylston to Cypress
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