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Larz Anderson Estate
These images of the estate of Isabel Weld Perkins Anderson and her husband, Larz, known as "Weld" come primarily from our glass-slide collection and slides donated by the Anderson/Riley family. Augustus (Gus) Anderson (no relation) was Isabel's private secretary for over forty years, working both at the estate and at the downtown office at 19 Congress St. He was born on the estate and continued to live there. His daughter, Betty Riley, also grew up there and has given the Society these images of the estate before it was given to the town in 1948. When Betty was ten they moved to the bottom of the hill at 71 Avon St. After the death of Isabel in 1948 they lived at 29 Avon St., a stucco house on the estate which still stands.

After the death of the Andersons and the gift of the property to the town of Brookline a number of items were distributed to the people who had worked there. Gus received the bronze eagle from the Japanese garden and, in 1954, donated it to Boston College where it has remained the most visible representation of the school mascot.

Larz Anderson Estate
[Source: Historic New England]
Original Larz Anderson house
This is the original house built by William Fletcher Weld, grandfather of Isabel Anderson. It was later bequethed to Isabel's cousin, William Weld, and eventually sold in 1899 to the newly-wedded Anderson's by the latter's widow.
Original Larz Anderson house, rear
Larz Anderson mansion
Front of the main house. Along the top are busts of Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and McKinley under whom various Andersons had given military service.
Larz Anderson mansion, sculpture
Larz Anderson mansion, rear view
The estate was bequethed to the town in 1948 after Isabel Anderson's death. The mansion was torn down in 1959
Larz Anderson estate in winter
The former mansion viewed from what is currently the exit road from the park
Larz Anderson estate
View of the stables with the mansion in the background
Larz Anderson estate, stables
Now the Larz Anderson Transportation Museum
Boarding house for estate workers
Near corner of Avon St. and Pond St. No longer standing.
Entrance to the greenhouses, from the inside, Larz Anderson estate
Looking from inside the entrance which is just up the hill from the present-day Larz Anderson museum. The cement pillars, outside wall, and small enclosure are still standing.
Greenhouses, Larz Anderson estate
Greenhouse, interior, Larz Anderson estate
Larz Anderson, Gardens
Larz Anderson, Gardens
Larz Anderson, Gardens
Larz Anderson, Gardens
Larz Anderson, Gardens
Larz Anderson, Gardens
Larz Anderson, Gardens
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