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Coolidge Corner Area Photos

Beacon St. Looking West Toward Coolidge Corner, 1888
Newer Stearns House, corner Beacon & Pleasant, on the left
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
Beacon St. at Pleasant St.
Looking east on Beacon toward St. Paul St. Corner of building from the Stearns property visible on the right
Coolidge Corner
Looking east on Beacon St.
Background left: carriages are traveling both directions on the northern side of Beacon St. with no visible traffic on the southern side, presumably because of the greater width of the northern side. The town passed an ordnance in 1924 established unidirectional traffic.
[Source: Iowa State]
Coolidge Corner
Looking east on Beacon St.
[Source: Iowa State]
Coolidge Corner Shelter
[Source: Iowa State]
Coolidge Corner: Coolidge & Brother General Store
Harvard St. looking north toward Brighton. Beacon St. heading west is to the left. Store established 1857, replaced by S.S. Pierce building..
Coolidge Corner
[Source: Historic New England]
Coolidge Corner, 1924
[Source: Historic New England]
Coolidge Corner: Coolidge & Brother General Store, Close-Up
Coolidge Corner District School
Removed with the widening of Beacon. Replaced by the Devotion School.
Coolidge Corner
Coolidge Apartment Building, 1913
N.E. Corner Sewall Ave and Stearns Rd.
Coolidge Corner, Early 1900s
Coolidge Corner, 1908
Coolidge Corner, 1905
Coolidge Corner, 1906
Coolidge Corner, S.S. Pierce Building
Coolidge Corner, 1913
Coolidge Corner, 1915(?)
Coolidge Corner, 1917
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