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Coolidge Corner, 1915(?)
Coolidge Corner, 1917
Boulevard Trust Co., Coolidge Corner
Inbound trolley stand, Boulevard Trust building at 1319 Beacon St. and rear of Charles Stearns' house; Harvard St. on the right.
Boulevard Trust Co., Coolidge Corner, Circa 1925
Inbound side of Beacon St. at Coolidge Corner. [right to left] Boulevard Trust at 1319 Beacon St.; Frank W. Russell, Real Estate, at 1315 Beacon St.; Charles Stearns' house; a glimpse of the storefront at 1299 Beacon St. housing real estate brokers; the steeple of the Second Unitarian Society Parish House at 11 Charles St. (still standing); the house of George W. Wightman at 3 Charles St.

Also shown is the trolley for route #940 which was essentially the forerunner to the "C" line.
Coolidge Corner, Circa 1920
Storefronts visible on the north side of Beacon St. include two businesses that were likely initial tenants in the newly-constucted (1913) building known as the "Pierce Block": the Stone Bros. at #1340 and A. M. Johnstone, tailor, at #1348. McElroy Bros. Real Estate, at 1352 Beacon, is first listed in the town directory of 1920. At the extreme left of the photo are the trailing letters from the sign of Simon's Shoe & Boot Shop, which opened in 1916 at #1350 and expanded in 1923 to include #1354 Beacon.

On the south side of Beacon, the third car from the left is identified as a Dodge Brothers Model Touring car, a model first introduced in 1914 and manufactured into the 1920s.

Visible on the northeast corner of Beacon and Harvard are Harvard Taxi, Poulin Bros. and Rexall.
[Source: Historic New England]
Coolidge Corner, Circa 1913
A number of To Let signs can be seen in the store windows on the left. It can be deduced that the building, replacing the previous building that was destroyed by fire in January 1913, has recently opened. The storefront, where this brown-brick building joins with the Pierce Building to its right, has the window letttering for the real estate firm of Harold G. King, at 1336 Beacon.
[Source: Historic New England]
Coolidge Corner
[Source: Olmsted]
Coolidge Corner, Coolidge & Brother Store, 1887
Going east on Beacon to the right. Hay barn on the left, horse drinking at the watering fountain to the right.

From the 1887 photo series taken just before the widening of Beacon St.
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
Coolidge Corner, 1937
Coolidge Corner, 1940s
Beacon St. Looking West From Coolidge Corner, 1887
Water trough is at corner of Harvard St. in front of the Coolidge & Brother Store; Andrew J. Harrington house is across the street on the right, it was later moved to Longwood Ave. after the widening of Beacon St.

From the 1887 photo series taken just before the widening of Beacon St.
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
Andrew J. Harrington House
Beacon St. midway between Harvard St. and Webster Ave. at about #1339. House was later moved to Longwood Ave. after the widening of Beacon St. Steeple of the Harvard Congregational Church visible in upper right.

From the 1887 photo series taken just before the widening of Beacon St.
1339 Beacon St.
House of Dr. J. Herbert Moore, built in 1901. The house was later bought by Ernest B. Dane, torn down, and the Brookline Trust Co. building erected, which still stands.
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
Harvard St. 367-375 ,1910
Corner of Beals St. The Dutch-design influenced #373, along with #375 (on the right), were built in 1899; designed by architect Walter Kilham.
Harvard St., circa 1912
Looking north toward Coolidge Corner. Babcock St. forward left.
Harvard St. near Allston Border, Early 1900s
Looking NE from Corey Hill. Harvard St. bisects the photo from left to right. Below Harvard St., center left, is Kenwood St. and center right is Columbia St., both newly created. Above Harvard St., in the center of the photo, is the large house on the estate of James F. Ayer. Bordering the estate on the right, is Thorndike St.
[Source: Iowa State]
S. S. Pierce Building, February 5, 1927
Looking at the S. S. Pierce building from Green St. Visible at 276 Harvard St. is Frey's Hairdressing Parlors, run by Louisa Frey and later by her son, Douglas C. Frey. The shop had recently moved from across the street and remained there into the 1940s.
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
Coolidge Corner Universalist Church
Built 1906; Coolidge Corner Theater today
Harvard St., Coolidge Corner, February 5, 1927
From left to right:
::284 Harvard St. – S. Buxbaum & Co. Provisions
::286 Harvard St. – Beacon Universalist Church
::288 Harvard St. – M. Malmrose, Printing and Coolidge Corner Moving
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
Green St., Coolidge Corner, February 5, 1927
Looking down Green St. from Harvard St. Gurley’s Bakery on the corner. Possibly shown: newsboys with their wagon on a Saturday.
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
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