Presented At The Annual Fall Meeting
Friends of the Old Burying Ground
November 14, 2010

Griggs family tomb
In conclusion, There is much more history related to the Old Burying Ground than I have been able to cover today, but I think some themes emerge. For one thing, in spite of the obvious changes, Brookline's character was set in many ways at its founding. The Town chose to separate itself from Boston, to distinguish itself. Early settlers were community minded, political, energetic, ambitious and hardworking -- Patriotic and solid, God-fearing citizens. While we might not use the term God-fearing today, I think we would say 'ethical' and 'righteous.' Many of the early residents - men only, of course - were Harvard educated, though others of substance and merit could not read or write. Both were respected contributors, and we honor their memory, and this special place.
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