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[Editor's Note: Published December, 1895.]

For an account of the White family see Miss Woods' "Historical Sketches of Brookline," pages 203 and 313. The Roman numerals refer to the Clark collection of manuscripts in the Library. Papers not thus indicated belong to a descendant of the family now living in Brookline, who loaned them to the Librarian but prefers not to be mentioned here.

Narragansett No. 5 or Souhegan East, the present Bedford, N. H., offers an interesting study of speculation in land. It was one of seven townships granted by Massachusetts to 840 men who were engaged in the Narragansett war. For further information see Coolidge and Mansfield's "History and description of New England," Vol. 1, pages 418-421 (Boston, 1859).

Deed of 50 acres of upland, 18 acres of marsh, and six acres of fresh marsh in Muddy River, from Thomas Oliver of Boston to John White late of Watertowne, " for & in consideration of the full & just summe of one hundred & thirty pounds sterl to be paid in good & merchantable corne & fatt cattle at prices current or as they shalbe prised by two men indifferently chosen "
Witnesses Fetter Olliver
William Aspinwall Notarius Publ
Dated " thirteenth day of the twelfth month one thousand six hundreth & ffifte."

Deed from William Hudson of Boston and Ann, his wife, to Christopher Pigget, of land at Muddy River, bounded " with the land of Clement Corbin southeast, with the land of the heirs of Edmond Croft east, and abutting upon the land of Isaac Stedman west and upon the land of the Said Christopher Pigget nor west (?) "
Signature of " Ri. Bellingham Dept Govr "
Dated March 8, 1661.

Deed of sale from Christopher Pirket and Elizabeth, his wife, to Joshua Scottow, of thirty two-acres at Muddy River, in consideration of sixty pounds.
Dated March 18, 1661.
For details see Deed from Scottow to White, 1674.

Deed from Jacob Eliot.
To all Christian People, to whome this p'ent wrighting shall come or may Concerne, Jacob Elliott of Boston in the County of Suffolke in new England & mary his wife Sends Greeting, whereas the said Jacob Elliott for full & valluable Consideration to him in hand pajd by John Acres of muddy River in the precincts of the said Boston yeamon about Two yeares Since did verbally Sell unto him the said John Acres, all that his Tenn Acres of upland lying & being at muddy River aforesaid bee it more or less & is bounded with the Land of Edward Kibby northward, by the Land of the late Reverend Mr. John Cotton on the East, And by the Lands of Henry Stephens on the South & west with all the liberties & Priveledges thereto belonging, And the said John Acres for like valluable Consideration to him fully paid by Josuah Scottow of the said Boston Merchant did alike verbally sell the said Tenn Acres of upland above mentioned with its appurtenances to him the said Josuah Scottow, And the said Josuah Scottow for full valluable Consideration to him paid, hath alike verbally sold the Same Tenn Acres of upland with its Liberties, to John White of muddy River yeamon...
Witnesses, Josh : Scottow and Benja Davis
Dated March 10, 1669.

Nathaniel Mory of " Provedens " hires of John White of Muddy River two cows ["coues"] November 2, 1669 and is to pay "twenty five shillings one year in mony or thirty shillings per yeare in marchuntabll paye " "I thee sayd Nathanill Mory have liberty to keep thees 2 coues seaven years or les tyme & I Nathanill Mory my ears', execetors or asignes do bind our selves to return thees 2 coues or tou other catell well fated of four yeare ould at least "
Dated November 2, 1669.

Deed from Ralph Mason, joyner, of Boston, and Anna, his wife, to John White of Muddy river and his sons, John White, Jr., and Joseph White, of forty-three acres of land in Muddy river, bounded on the north by land of John Hull and Edward Belchar of Boston, senio, on the west by land of Vincent Druce, on the south by the land of Isaac Stedman, on the east & south by the land of Thomas Boylstone.
Witnesses John Odlin, John Sanford. Signature of J. Dudley.
Dated December 22, 1670.

Deed from Joshua Scottow of Boston, Merchant, and Lydia, his wife, to John White, in consideration of 72 pounds, of thirty-two acres in Muddy River, " bounded with the land of Mr. John Alcock in part & with the land of John Ruggles in part east, with the Land of Clement Corbin southerly, with the land of Isaack Stedman west, the land of Thomas Boylston Northerly."
Dated Feb. 3, 1674.

Deed from Alice Pell, widow, of Boston, to John White, of twenty-nine acres of land in Muddy River, " bounded on the North west by the Land of Edward Kibby, Northerly partly by the land of Widdow Davis and partly by the Land of Henry Stevens : Southerly partly by the Land of Peter Aspinwall and partly by the Land of the heires of John Sharpe : westerly partly by the Land of the Late Mr. Cotton deceased : and partly by the Land of the sd John White."
Dated November 1, 1678.

Deed from John White of Muddy River to his son, Benjamin White, of all the buildings on the homestead and of all the land now in the possession of Benjamin White.
Dated April 13, 1691.

This deed of gift to my soon Edward after my decees and my wifs and not to be in aney fors be foar, I give to him all my housing buildings
To my dafter Ann Boillston my soon Edward shall pay or caus to be payed won hundred pound in money or other pay as she shall exept of as money after it is hir due. It shall not exeed five years be foar it be payed.
To my dafter Mary Rugls won hundred pound
To my dafter Susanah Sharpe won hundred pound.
To my dafter Elizabeth White won hundred and fiftey pounds ....
To my dafter Joannah White won hundred and fifty pounds
And if my too dafters Elizabeth and Joannah marey be for I die and I give them as much as I have given my other dafters then my soon Edward shall pay them on hundred pound apees as the rest are to have and be paid.
And if I die be for they are mared they shall have my loging room to them selves so long as they remain unmared or either of them and my soon Edward shall bring them fiar wood whom and thay shall have privelidg in the selor and my soon Edward shall find them provishong and he shall let them have won milch cow and keep hir for them whilst they remain unmared and when thay are mared the cow return to him agen and if thes too dafters Eizeth and Jannah do not marey be foar I die. Then my soon Edward shall give them thar weding aprall equivelent to thar other sisters weding aparall when mared not with standing this deed of gift this my estate is at my disposall so long as I live and my wife Susanah so long as she Lives my widow

In the name of god Amen : the thirtenth of Aprill One thousand six hundred ninte one I John White of muddy River In the Countey of Suffolk In neingland. Being sik and weak of bodey But of sound and per fit memorey and knowing the uncertaintey of this life one Earth and being desirous to setell thinges in order do mak this my last will and testement. In maner and form folowing that is to say first and prinsopley I Comend my soull to All mightey god my creator & and my body to the earth from whens it was taken to be Bueried in such desent and christan maner as to my execeters hear after named shall be thought meet and convenent.
As touching such worldy estat as the lord in marsey hath lent mee my will and meaning is the same shall be imployed and bestowed as hearafter by this my will is expressed, except what I have other wise disposed of and first I do Revoke Renounse frustrate and mak void all wills by mee formerly mad and declar and Apoint this my last will and testement.
Mentions : " my soons John White, Joseph White, Benjamin White ; " " my gransoon John White, soon of my eldest soon John White my best silver win cup ; " " my grandsoon Benjamin White a cor bine ; " "my grandafter marey the dafter of my soon Joseph my second best win cup being silver ; " " my grandafter marey the dafter of my soon John a silver dram cup."
This is a true copey of the will of John White sener of Muddy Rver, deseased the fiftenth day of aprill 1691 :
Witnesses Joseph Griges, Roger Adames, Joshuay Gardner.

Deed from Joseph White of Muddy River to his brother, Benjamin White, of three acres of land for twenty pounds, " bounded on the North-West by the land of Thomas Danforth Esq, on the South-West by common land, or land by some accounted belonging to John Wing, on the South East by land belonging to the heirs of Henery Stevens, on the North-East by the land of John Parker's heirs."
His wife Hannah renounced her Right and Interest of Thirds.
Dated May 20, 1695.

1703. XV.
Deed from Joseph White and wife Hannah to son, Benjamin White, of land, part of which Joseph received from his late father, John White. Mentions brother Benjamin, nephew John, late brother John.
Witnesses : John & Frances White.
Dated March 8, 1702-3.

Deed from Nathanael Williams of Boston, merchant, to " Benjamin White of Muddy River alias Brooklyn Senior late in the Township of Boston aforesaid Husbandman " of six acres of land in Muddy River " bounded with the marsh Land of Benja. Joshua Child Northwest, with Cambridge River Northerly with the Creek leading to Roxbury Southeast and with a Creek Southerly "
Called " Capt Nathanil Williams."
Dated January 18, 1705-6.
Brookline became a town Nov. 13, 1705.

1706. XVI.
Deed of land from John Devotion to Benjamin White, John and William " Acres."
Witnesses : Eleazer Aspinwall and Robert Lovering.
Dated April n, 1706.
The arms of Devotion ( ?) are given on his seal.

1708. XVII.
Deed from Thomas Stedman of Brookline, and Mary, his wife, to Benjamin White, junior, and Samuel White, of land " bounded westwardly upon the Division Line between the township of Brooklien and the township of Newtown."
Dated April 5, 1708.

1714. IV.
Deed of land from Joseph White to his son Benjamin. Dated March 8, 1713.14.

1716. XVIII.
Deed from John White, gentleman, of Boston, to Benjamin White, Jun., of Brookline, of land bounded southwesterly by a Highway leading to Newton, northwesterly by land of Peter Boylston, northeasterly by a Highway leading to Cambridge Line, southeasterly by land of the said Benjamin White, and partly by land of Joseph Gardner.
Dated April 12, 1716.

Deed from Benjamin White of " Brooklyn " to his son, Edward White, of all his real estate " and my Black Servant and one Jack a Copper, one pr of doggs one Spit and a pr of Iron Racks " Provides for his daughters Ann, Mary and Susanna and his "two youngest daughters Elizabeth and Joanna."
Dated March 24, 1717.

1717. XIX.
Deed from John Ackers and Hannah, his wife, to Benjamin White, Jun., of land " bounded southeastwardly by the land of Isaac Gardner, southwest-wardly by a town highway leading to Newtown, Northwestwardly by the land of John Ackers and by a ditch which runneth crooked, Northeast-wardly by the land of the said Benjamin White."
Dated April 1, 1717.

Deed from Thomas Cotton of " Brooklyn " to Edward White of two acres for 1 6 pounds "bounded southerly upon ye Highway which leads from Boston to Newtown Westerly upon Land of Benjamin White, Northerly upon the Brook which runs between sd land & land of afore sd Benjamin Whites Easterly from sd Brook upon a streight line unto afore sd high way parrellel with a northerly line between land of afore sd Benjamin White & Samuell Aspinwall "
Dated May 3, 1717.

Lease from Benjamin White to Edward White of one half his houses and lands for 40 pounds a year.
Dated March 25, 1718.

1719. XX.
Deed from Joseph White of Brookline, to his son Benjamin White.
Bounded northwesterly by the land of Samuel Sewall, northeasterly by a common or highway leading into the body of the marshes ; southeasterly by land of Lt. Thomas Gardner in part & the land of Thomas Cotton in part ; southwesterly by the great creek which runneth ino the Bay.
Mentions my son Samuel White.
Dated Dec. 5, 1719.

Deed from Thomas Jepherson of Dedham to Edward White of Brookline (in consideration of 126 pounds) of land "at the Lower End of Leverett's Farm (Formerly so call'd) bounded Easterly on the Land of Benjamin White, South'ly on the Road leading from Sd Whites to the Meeting House in Brooklyn aforsd Fart on Thos Lees House lott. Westerly on the Land Belonging to the Heirs of Caleb Gardner Deed Noth'ly on the Land of Thos Cotton.
Signed, also, by Susanna, his wife.
Dated March 12, 1722.

Deed from John Gore of Roxbury, innholder, for twenty pounds, to Caleb Stedman of one acre of land in Roxbury bounded northerly by land of heirs of Ebenezer Crafts, and Ichabod Griggs, and on other sides by land of Ichabod Griggs's heirs.
Dated March 11, 1724.

Deed from Samuel Aspinwall of Brookline to Edward White, for 213 pounds, of fifteen acres and a quarter of land bounded easterly by land of Robert Sharp, southerly in part by Watertown highway and partly by land of Thomas Cotton, Westerly and Northerly by the said Whites Land.
Dated April 24, 1724.

Appointment of Edward White of Brookline as " guardian unto Benjamin White a minor aged about Eleven years Son of Benja White late of Boston in the county aforesaid Tanner deceased."
Dated September 5, 1726.

Deed from Thomas Cotton of Brookline and Martha his wife to Edward White of land bounded southerly upon the Road that leads from Boston to Watertown Bridge and on other sides by land of Edward White.
Dated December 7, 1726.

Deed from John Gore & wife Mary of Roxbury to Edward White of one and a quarter acres of meadow.
Dated January 14, 1726-7.

Agreement of Daniel Adams of Brooklyne for five shillings to let a Brook be turned to cross his land, it being for the advantage of the neighboring land of Edward White, Gent.
Dated Feb. 28, 1726-7.

Power of attorney granted by Isaac White Shipwright and Joseph White Housewright both of Boston, administrators of the Goods etc. of John White, late of Boston Gentn deceased, to Mr Edward White of Brookline.
Dated December 16, 1727.

Deed of release from Robert Sharp & Susanna his wife "one of the daughters of Benjamin White late of Brooklyn" to Edward White "our Brother" for 100 pounds all right in real estate etc. as belonged to "our Sd late Father Benjamin White in his life time."
This included the "Black Servant and one Jack a Copper" mentioned in the deed of March 24, 1717.
Joseph Ruggles of Roxbury and Joanna his wife, "youngest daughter of Benjamin White" signed a release in the same manner.
Timothy Ruggles clerk and Mary his wife, both of Rochester in the County of Plymouth, signed a similar release, of their share in the estate of their father & father-in-law, Benjamin White, and mother and mother-in-law, Susanna White, "both now deceased," June 13, 1733.
William Fairfield of Boston, bricklayer, and Elizabeth his wife, "one of the daughters of Benjamin White," signed a similar release.
Peter Boylston (or "Bylestone") of Brookline and Ann his wife, "daughter of Benjamin White," signed a similar release.

Deed from William Dinsdale of Boston, bricklayer, and Elizabeth his wife, for twenty pounds, to Edward White, of Lot No. 13, "being a non sellers Lot containing twenty acres more or less in the Town No. 5. granted by the General Court to the Narraganset Soldiers lying below Amaskeeg on Merrimack River in this Province."
Dated January 2, 1734.

Deed from James Allin & Mehitable, his wife, of Brookline to Edward White, for £266, of land in Brookline " bounded Easterly upon land of Caleb Deaney with a crooke in the line Northerly by Watertown highway Westerly partly by Thomas Deaneys land & partly by Jo. Whites Land Southerly by land of Samll Craft in ye whole thirteen acres."
Dated April 18, 1734.

Deed from Caleb Dana of Cambridge, mason, and Phebe, his wife, to Capt. Edward White of Brookline, gentleman, for 450 pounds, of twenty- one acres of land in Brookline, bounded northerly upon Watertown road, northwesterly upon land of Edward White, southwesterly and southeasterly upon land of Samuel Crafts.
Daniel Dana and John Greenwood, witnesses. Dated March 5, 1734-5.

Deed from Samuel Craft of Brookline and Mehitabel, his wife, to Edward White, of two acres and a half of land bounded southerly by land of Samuel Craft, & on the other sides by land of Edward White, the line to run "straight to ye Land that sd White bought of ye Reve : Mr Nattll Cotton late of Bristol."
Dated May 9, 1735.

Know all men by these presents that I Licestor Grosvenor Esqr of Pomfrit in the County of Windham in the Colony of Connecticutt in New England have bargained Sold and Delivered unto Captain Edward White of Brooklyn in the County of Suffolk in the province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England a negroe man Servant named Cuffc of about twenty Seven or twenty Eight years of Age for the Sum of Eightey pounds of money to me in hand well and truly paid by the said Edward White and I the Said Licester Grosrenor Do hereby avouch the said negroe Servant to be my own proper Estate and that I have good right and full power to Sell and Deliver as aforesaid & Do hereby promise that I will Secure and Defend the Said Edward White from any person or persons that Shall Claim any just right thereunto as witness my hand and seal this thirtieth Day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and thirty five. Leicester Grosvenor
Signed sealed & Delivered in presence of
Samll Gridley
Joseph Rnggles

Deed from Thomas Gill of Hingham for fifty pounds to Edward White of land "in ye County of Middlesex on Merrimack River one lott No 21, a Home lott so Called," in Township Called Narragansett Town No. 5.
Dated Dec. 24, 1736.

Deed from William Dudley of Roxbury, Esqr., to Edward White, "one ful\ right or share of land in one entire peice being a Sixty third part of a township granted to the officers & souldiers in the Company under the Command of Captain John Goreham in the Canada Expedition anno Dom 1690 & contains 400 acres & lying adjoyning to the township granted to John Simpson & others & begins at the north east corner thereof & runs by the same 400 perch as the East Bounds of that town runs and extends 100 perch from said line east 2 Degrees, which Right Share or proportion of land was purchased of Colo : Thubaal Goreham Son of Sd John under & subject to the conditions & terms of Setlement by one family according to the courts grant ......"
Dated January 10, 1737.

Deed from Thomas Dawes of Boston, bricklayer, to Edward White, of Lot No. 12 in Narraganset Town No. 5.
Witnessed by John Vintenon and Joseph Ruggles.
Dated January 14, 1736-7.

Deed from Prucence Savage of Brookline, widow, to Edward White, for twenty pounds "of land being one whole right or share of a Township granted by ye Great & general court to ye Heirs of Cap : Andrew Gardner & company in consideration of ye going on an expedition to Canady which Right or share containeth one sixtyeth parte of ye whole Township."
Dated January 12, 1737-8.

Deed from Edward Tuckerman of Boston, trader, to Edward White, for twenty pounds, of Lot 14 in the first division of Narraganset Town No. 5, originally the right of Rebecca, the only surviving child of and heir of Edward Weden, late of Boston, deceased. Dated Feb. 23, 1737-8.
Know all men by these Presents that I Jonathan Lyon Yeoman now resident at a Place Called South'eagon being a Narragansett Town No. five in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in N : England Am holden and Stand firmly bound and obliged unto Edward White of Brooklyn in the County of Suffolk in New England aforesd Gentlem In the full and Just sum of Two hundred pounds Lawfull money of N : England to be paid unto the abovesd Edward White his Lawful Attorney Execurs or adminrs- To the which payment, well and truely to be made I bind my self my heirs
Execurs and Adminrs firmly by these presents Sealed with my seal Dated this nineteenth Day of January anno Domini 1738-9 and In the izth year of His Majesties Reign
The Condition of the above written Obligatien is Such That whereas the Grantees of the sd Narragansett Town No 5 were obliged by the General Court to Settle Sixty families on the sd Grant, which is lying between the River South heagon and piscataquauge & upon Merrymack River And Whereas the sd Edward White is obliged by a Vote of the sdid Grantees, at a Regular meeting to make Settlemt of the Lot. No. 12 by the i2th Day of June next And having Recieved a Valuable Consideration In Money of the sd Edward White he the sd Jonathn Lyon has undertaken to Do the Duty of a Settler in the sd Town ship for him the sd Edward White : in Lieu of the sd. 1 2th Lott. in a Second Division lott.
Now If he the sd Jonathan Lyon his Execurs adminrs or assignes Shall well and truely Do the Duties of a Settler in the Limitts of these Township in all respects both as to buildings and Clearing of the land, to the Genl Courts Grant, in the place and Sted of the sd Edward White his heirs Execurs admrs and assignes as fully to all Intents and purposes as tho' the sd 1 2 lot had been settled by the sd White as aforesd So that he the sd Edward White his heirs Executors admrs nor Assignes Shall no ways Sustain Dammage by reason of any Default that may be made on the part of the said Jonathan Lyon his Execurs or adminrs Then this Obligation to be Void and of none Effect or else to remain in full force and Vertue
Signed Sealed and Delivd in presence of us
Jonathan Lyon
Memorandm before signing and sealing. It is to be understood that the sd Lyon is not to Do the Duty of Building a Meeting house nor of Settling a Minister
Joshua Child
Isaac Child

Lease from Edward White to William Paterson, resident at Boston, of about eighty acres of land in the Narragansett Township No. 5, near Southeagan river, being lots Nos. 12, 13 & 14.
Dated Feb. 5, 1738-9.

Deed from Thomas Cotton and Martha, his wife, of Brookline, to Edward White, for 155 pounds, of two and one-quarter acres and thirty-three rods of land, bounded easterly upon the highway leading from Boston to Watertown bridge.
Dated Dec. 21, 1739.

Deed from Thomas Cotton and Martha, his wife, of Brookline, to Edward White, for 667 pounds, of twenty-two acres and a half of land, " bounded easterly upon land of Caleb Deana southerly partly upon land of sd Edward White & partly upon land of Nattll Seaver westerly upon Land of Robert Sharp Northerly upon ye Highway leading from Boston to Watertown bridge."
Dated Feb. 28, 1 740.

Deed from John Shead of Billerica and Elizabeth, his wife, to Edward White, for two pounds ten shillings old Tenour of the fourteenth part of a tract of land lying in Brookline " which fell to my wife at the death of her aunt Hannah Lee bounded southerly on a road leading from Boston to Sherburn."
Dated March 1, 1743.

Deed from Timothy Farley of Billerica to Edward White, of part of the land of his sister, Hannah Farley, bounded southwardly upon " Sherbun road."
Dated Oct. 20, 1743.

Deed from Ebenezer Shead of Charlestown, housewright, to Edward White, of the fourteenth part of a tract of land in Brookline " which feel to me att the Death of my aunt hannah Lee bounded southerly on a road Leading from Boston to Sherburn."
Dated May i, i 744.

Deed from Joseph Shed of Boston, carter, and Susanna his wife, to Edward White, of the fourteenth part of a tract of land in Brookline " which was left me by my aunt Hannah Lee bounded south-wardly upon Sherburn road." Dated March 23, 1747.

Deed from Thomas Mayo of Roxbury and Elizabeth, his wife, to Edward White, of one-seventh part of a tract of land in Brookline "which was left >us by my wifes aunt Hannah Lee bounded southwardly upon Sherburn Road."
Dated March 23, 1747.

Deed from Henry Wilson of Roxbury to Edward White, of " one full right, Share & interest of and in ye Nanaganset Township Number five lying in Merimack River or Souhegan east so called that is to say ye Fiftie Fifth Lott in ye first Division of Sd Township."
Dated Sept. i, 1748.

Province of New Hampshire
At a Meeting of the Proprietors of the Lands pur- Hampshire j chased of John Tufton Mason Esqur in the Province of New Hampshire held at Portsmouth in said Province by adjournment on the ninth day of November anno Domini 1748

That the above Said Major White & his son John have their names put in among the settlers of a Town, which shall hereafter be granted and laid out, that shall include that land in Gorham Town, So called, lying across the Crotch of Piscataquoag River, which the said Major White purchased of Collo William Dudley Deceased ; and that they have and hold to them their heirs and assigns that same land so purchased as their Parts or Shares in said Township, to be so laid out, the same being four hundred acres, to hold on the same Terms of other settlers.
Copy of Record
Attest Geo : Jaffrey junr Proprrs Clerk

Deed from John Goffe " of the Place called Souheegan East in the Province of New Hampshire Esq " for 100 pounds old tenor to Edward White of the fifteenth home lot " lying upon the Great River " bounded " Easterly bye Merrymack River, & Northerly on the fourteenth Home lott Belonging to the abovesd Edward White Westerly on Land Reserved for a Hywaye Southerly on the Sixteenth Lott Belonging to John Goffe aforesd. Dated April 11, 1749.

Agreement of Jonathan Simonds of Lexington to pay to Edward White 1000 pounds "provided at any time hereafter a Certain Deed of Two fifty acre Lotts numbers 27 and Twenty Eight, lying and being in Naraganset Township Number Five, otherwise called Sougheagan East (Wch Deed was given by said Edward to ye said Jonathan and bears Date November 28th 1738) should be produced to the Prejudice of the said Edward "
Dated April 23, 1750.

1750 -
Deed from Jonathan Simonds of Lexington, housewright, to Edward White, of two Fifty acre lots of land Numbers 27 and 28 in the Eighth Range, lying and being in Naragansett Township No. 5, otherwise called Sougheagen East.
Dated April 23, 1750.

1751. XXI.
Deed February 26, 1750-51. Conveying from Joseph and Moses White to their father, Benjamin White, land bounded southerly upon land of Samuel Clark, westerly upon Land of Cap. Gardner and a highway and Northerly upon Land of Cap. Gardner, Easterly upon Mr. Browns Land and the meeting house Land or otherwise bounded or Reputed to be bounded.

Commission from Gov. Shirley appointing John White Gent. " to be Second Lieutenant of the foot Company in the Town of Brookline under the Command of Maj. : Edward White as Captn in the Regiment of Millitia within the County of Suffolk whereof Francis Brinley Esq is Collonell."
Signed by W. Shirley and J. Willard.

Dated July 1, 1754.

To Ebenezer Chamberlain of Douglass
Sr : These are to Inform you that I have been with Coll'l : Chandr & have paid him almost three hund : Pounds, & therefore you must Deliver to the Bearer hereof George Barnard my two Cows that you made over to me ; In Ord : that I may sell ym : to make as much of the money as I can ; for ye are not half Enough to pay me what is my Due ; 111 have no Excuses therefore Deliver ym : you must ; or Else I will Send for ym In Another Manner. All from ys Benjan : White
Brookline Sep : ye 8th : 1755
Pt : I Likewise warn you to go off of ye place in three months from this time. Benjan : White.

"Whereas by an Act of the Several Assembly of the Province of* New Hampshire made and passed in the Twenty Eighth year of his Majestys Reign it is Inacted that a tax of Six pence New Tenor per acre for one year might be Layed upon all Lands in the Town of Merrymac in Said Province belonging to non Resident Proprietors by the Selectmen of Said Town for the year 1755 to be Assessed and Collected in manner and form set forth in said act and in Default of Payment by any such Proprietor that his or her Land aforesaid should be sold by the Collector that Should be appointed to Levy and Collect Such Tax to Raise the sum aforesd with Incident Charges as may more fully appear by Referrence to Said Act.
Now know ye that I Phineas Underwood of Said Merrymac yeoman being a Collector Duly chosen for and in consideration of the Sum of Six pounds two shillings 8 pence old tener in Bills of Credit of Sd Province to me in hand Paid by Edward White of Brookline gentilman Being the highest Bidder at a Publick Sale of the Land hereinafter Described Have given granted Bargained and Sold Lott No. 3 in the Second Division Being by Estimation fifty acres more or less "
Dated January 10, 1756.

Commission from Gov. Pownall to Oliver White, gentleman, appointing him " to be Ensign of the Military Foot Company in the Town of Brooklin under the command of Captain Samuel Craft in the Regiment of Militia in the County of Suffolk whereof Francis Brindley Esqr is Colonel."
Signed by T. Pownall and Thos Clarke.

Dated Oct. 23, 1758.

Rateable estate of Benjamin White, Feb. 1, 1762.
It includes "one Poll; one Dwelling house; Stock 3 Cows; 2 Oxen 2 Horses, & one Swine," with a description of 38 acres of land.

Agreement by Benjamin White to deed to Moses Knowlan of Charlton a farm at Douglass, purchased of Ebenezer Chamberlain, deceased, upon condition of certain payments being made by Moses Knowlan.
Dated April 7, 1767.

Inventory of the real estate of Hon. Benjamin White.
Item : "a pew in the meeting house" . . £15.00
Dated Aug. 12, 1790.

Deed from William Reynolds and Martha, his wife, of Petersburg, State of Georgia, to Oliver Whyte of the same place, of lot No. 28 on the west side of Front Street, containing half an acre.
Dated April 5, 1797.

1807. XII.
Petition for proper provision for the School in the middle district.
"We really wish this Majority would look back to the year 1775 and consider the principle that was then contented for, that of an equal representation. We in this division of the Town are America in miniature, not having one from among us to speak in our behalf"
Signed by David Hyslop, Ebenr Heath, William Ackers, Jona Hammond, Mary Gardner, Benjamin White, Jonathan Jackson, Nath. Murdock.
Dated November 30, 1807.

Printed in December, 1895