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For an account of the Sharp family see Miss Woods Historical Sketches of Brook line page 98 The Roman numerals refer to the Clark collection of manuscripts in the Library No I follows XXVI No XI follows XXXV No IX follows XLII

At a County Court held at Boston July 31t 1677. The Court impowers Deacon William Parke & Thomas Gardner to make the division of the Estate of the late John Sharp of Muddy River etc., etc.
"The above is Coppie of the Courts order as attests Is a Addington Cler"
Lieut John Sharp born about 1643 and killed at the Sudbury fight April 1676, was the son of Robert the emigrant.

Decision of William Parke and Thomas Gardner impowered by the County Court at Boston July 31 1677 to sett ought unto the Widdow Sharp one hundred pounds.
Dated 3 of october 1677.

Robert Sharp's power of attorney to Stephen Williams of Roxbury 1690 on going to the war.
Printed in Miss Woods Historical Sketches page 101.
Robert Sharp, son of Lieut John Sharp, was born May 17 1665, married Sarah Williams of Roxbury. He died in the expedition to Canada 1690.

Petition of Sarah Sharp Widd Relict of Robert Sharp. To the honor d ye County Court now sitting in Boston to have an estate of land divided.

Receipt from Theophilus Minott to Thomas Nowel for four pounds ten shillings Boston June 20 1693.

Appointment of Sarah Nowell of Muddy River by William Stoughton as administrator of the estate of her former husband Robert Sharp. December 20 1694 Parchment

Will of Sarah Nowell relict of Mr. Thomas Nowel late of Muddy River, Being likely in a short time to intermarry again with Mr. Solomon Phipps the son of Mr. Solomon Phipps late of Cambridge, etc.
Mentions "my son Robert Sharpe," and "his sister Sarah Sharpe" ; "my honored father Stephen Williams"; "my uncle Samuel Scarborough."
Signed January 3, 1694/5.
Printed in part in Miss Woods' Historical Sketches, p. 102.

Deed of sale of land for £200 from the selectmen of Boston to John Winchester, Samuel Aspinwall, Joseph Gardner, John Winchester, Jun'r, Peter Boylston, Caleb Gardner, Benjamin White, Jun'r, Samuel White, Robert Sharp, & William Marean, all of Brookline. Signed by Isaiah Tay, Daniel Oliver, Thos. Cushing, Oliver Noyes, Joseph Wadsworth, Addington Davenport and Edward Hutchinson, selectmen.
Dated Oct. 29, 1711.
This Captain Robert Sharp, son of Robert, son of Lieut John, was born about 1688; died July 18, 1763. His wife's name was Susannah.

Commission of Stephen Williams "to be quartermaster of the Troop within the County of Suffolk whereof Joshua Lamb Gent is Captain." Dated April 15, 1713. Signed by Gov. Joseph Dudley.

Order to constable Robert Sharp to raise £15 " upon Polls & estates of ye inhabitants of ye Town of Brooklyn for ye use of ye School."
Dated Sept. 20, 1719.

Deed of land in Roxbury from " Christopher Avery of New Groton in ye County of New London in Connecticutt Colony in New England, Yeoman, & Prudence my wife " to Stephen Williams Jun'r of Roxbury.
Mentions " our Uncle Ephraim Payson," " our Father Deac'n John Payson."
Dated June 29, 1725.

Jonathan Gardner accoumpt in the year 1728. Ledger
On the back: April 16, 1730, Robert Sharp paid 8-16-3 "when he went to Deacon Orsgood as witness my hand John Winchester."
Camlet was "a stuff either of hair, of silk, or of wool, or of all these materials;" shalloun was of woolen, " used for the linings of coats, and so called from Chalons, a city of France where it was first made." Mrs. Earle's Costume of Colonial Times.

Bill Jenuery ye 1:1737. for clothing for "the Captain," "Thomas Sharls," " your son " and "Daniel."

Indenture witnesseth that Peter Mahony of Brookline, with the consent of his master Robert Sharp of Brookline, put himself apprentice unto " Gershon Hail" of Boston, bricklayer, for two years.
Signed March 28, 1737.

Indenture witnesseth that " Dunkan Mackeever, late of Bellenock in the County of Lonon Derry," with the consent of his master Joseph Little of Boston, doth bind himself unto Captain Robert Sharp of Brookline, to serve him for three years.
Signed Nov. 14, 1737.
Watermark: Arms of the City of London.

Copy of will of Robert Sharp of Brookline. Dated, April 1, 1763. The following extract illustrates the agricultural character of the life in early Brookline:
" I also give her [my wife] one half of my Poultrey, and honey Bees.... I also give her two Cows I also Give her Twelve Bushell of Indian Corn and Six Bushell of Rie a year Annually so long as She Remains my Widow, And also ten Score of well Fed Pork, and Twelve Score of Good Beef a year Annually And her Firewood at the Door, and so much of the fruit of my Orchard as she wants for her own Use, and six Barrells of Cyder, a year Annually I Further Give her four Bushell of malt a Year Annually "
Mentions : Sussannah his wife, giving her " my negro woman Jane, and my Silver Tankard;" " my son Robert Sharp " ; " my four daughters Sussannah, Sarah, Mary & Lucy."
Lucy was then unmarried.

Letter from Ebenezer Davis to Captain Sharp, Brookline, February i, 1764, about "Mrs. Quiner, Liddia and Lute."

Copy of will of Susanna Sharp, widow, of Brookline.
Dated Jan. 13, 1768.
Mentions : My four daughters Susanna Snow, Sarah Sumner, Mary Craft, Lucy Phillips; heirs of son Robert Sharp; grandsons Robert, Stephen & Jacob Sharp.
" My silver tankard after my Deceas I Give to the Church of Christ in Brookline."

Appraisement of the Estate of Mr. Robert Sharpe of Brookline, Gentle- man deceased. £1764 :19:4.
Dated January 15, 1768.
Including : " One negro Wench, £20.0.0."
Accompt of Sarah Sharpe and Robert Sharp Adm'rs of the Estate of Robert Sharpe. Allowed April 21, 1769.
Major Robert Sharp, son of Captain Robert, was born April 9, 1714; died Dec. 11, 1767. He married Sarah Payson of Roxbury.

Memorandum of money due Sarah Sharp from the estate of the widow Susanna Sharp, late of Brookline, deceased.
"To Boarding her the Sd Susanna Sharp & her maid from the 18th day 1 of July Anno 1768 to the 4th Day of January Anno 1770: 76 Weeks at 10/8 pr week £40.10.8.
"To my Daughter Mary : Wages 3 months 1.6.8.
"To Nursing & extraordinary Trouble in the Time of her sickness 6.0.0."

Inventory of the Real Estate which Robert Sharp Esq Late of Brookline, Died Siezed of.
Dated Jan. 1, 1771.

Jacob Sharp's tax for 1772.
Dated Brookline, October, 1772. XLI.
Mr. Jacob Sharp's Estate to William Aspinwall Dr. A memorandum of charges for medical service from 1771 to his last illness in August and September, 1775. Paid in full January 22, 1777.

Account of farming a place in Roxbury by Robert Sharp and his brother, April 22—August 25, 1778.
"April 22d 1778 my Brother and I agreed to take mothers Place in Roxbury into our hand,—
23d my Brother went over to Roxbury to work with three hands and two teams I worked with one hand and team.
24th my Brother worked with one hand and Team.
27th my brother Sent one hand and Team. I went with one hand and Sowed five Bushels of Barley and about two quarts of hayseed my Brother found the Barley and hayseed.
may 16th my Brother sent a hand and Team I went my Self, we Poled the wall and mended fence.
25th my Brother and I went over in the morning mended fence.
June 1 st Each of us turned two Cows into the Pasture.
9th I went over in the after noon with my Brothers hand and Team Sowed half a Bushel of Flax Seed which I gave two Dollars for the Flax Seed.
July 20th we went to mowing Robert three hands in the fore noon two in the afternoon I one hand all day. Robert found a leg of bacon and Sauce. I found two gallons of Cyder, one Gallon of rum, cheese &c.
21t Robert had five hands a mowing all day, two hand rakeing in the afternoon I had one hand mowing, Robert found two quarts of rum a quarter mutton Sauce &c. I found pork &c.
22d I Stayed with four of Roberts hands and one of my own and raked till towards night.
24th. I went with Thomas and aaron in the after noon and raked meadowhay.
25th Robert went with a team and four hands. I with a team and two hands we Carted hay into the barn. I found a small quarter of lamb Cheese &c.
29th Robert went with a team and two hands I with a team and one hand we mowed and Carted home the Barley. I found a gallon rum Cheese &c.
August 25 I went with my team thomas & Aaron pul'd the Flax brouht it to Jamaca pond."
Memorandum on the back of the paper of John Stephens' work, 1780.
This Robert Sharp, son of Major Robert, was born Aug. I, 1743; his brother Jacob was born in 1746; Stephen in 1748. Jacob died in 1775.

Agreement between William Hyslop, David Cook, Robert Sharp, Samuel Croft and William Thompson, March 26, 1783, to make legal resistance to an attempt to levy 400 pound for a house for the minister.

Money due Robert Sharp from the estate of Sarah Sharp, 22 pounds, 17 shillings. A chaise cost ten pounds. The repairs are mentioned in detail. May 16, 1783 is this item :
To Cash pd Wm Aspinwall for Medicine and attendance to herself & Family in 1771 & 1773 & 1775 4-17-0.
and below:
To Inoculating 5 of her Daughters 1776 at 2/8 7-0-0.

True Inventory of the Estate whereof Sarah Sharpe Late of Brookline Died Seized.
Dated March 20, 1792. Items:
Eight Vollumes of the History of England at 2/8 1-1-4
Two Large Books 1.0.0
Woodland in Roxbury was valued at £8 and £10; pond pasture at £7.3.5; meadow at £3.15; marsh at £10 an acre.

An Inventory & apprisemet of the estate of Robert Sharp, taken Nov'r 2, 1792.
The furniture in each room is given. Salt marsh was worth £21 per acre. In 1638 marsh in Brookline sold for ten shillings sterling.

The Account of Sarah Sharp and Stephen Sharp Administrators on the estate of Robert Sharp, deceased, intestate. Allowed March 4, 1800.
Expenses of illness and funeral. On paper bearing as a watermark the arms and crown of George the First or Second.
Stephen Sharp was son of Robert and Sarah (Payson) Sharp.

Agreement between citizens of Brookline through whose land the Worcester turnpike was located and the superintending directors of the Corporation to abide by the decision of Stephen Sharp & others, referees, as to damages.
Signed April 20, 1807.

" Mr Sharp Esq to Hayden & Lyon Dr" to repairing wagon.
Dated June 3, 1817.

Letter from Ebenezer Fisher to Stephen Sharp of Brookline, asking the republicans in the town to organize.
Dated Dedham, March 30, 1819.

L. See the paragraph preceding XXVII.