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Reprinted from Vol VI of the Reports of the Record Commissioners of Boston Second Edition Boston 1884

This list includes every entry of a personal nature where the name Muddy River or Brookline appears. The entries not thus distinguished which evidently relate to Brookline families would form a book of moderate size. A few of these from the Rev. John Eliot's record of church members are given as illustrations, simply to call attention to the fact that the volume mentioned above is an indispensable part of Brookline history, and should always be consulted in connection with our church and town records. Among the leading names are Ackers, Aspinwall, Boylston, Clark, Craft, Davis, Devotion, Downer, Drew, Druce, Gardner, Goddard, Griggs, Heath, Newell, Parker, Sharp, Winchester. In connection with these records, Jackson's "History of the Early Settlement of Newton" (Boston, 1854,) should prove useful.

Baptized 1643
Month 6 day 6. Gerrard Bourne the sone of Gerrard Bourne a member of Boston, & living at Muddy River was here received by comunion of churches. [Page 115]

Baptisms 1754
Febr. 17. Robert, son of Samuel Craft of Brookline. [Page 148]

Baptisms 1755
Jan. 19. Susannah the daughter of Joshua Davis, Brookline. [Page 149]

Baptized 1648
Month 12 day 25. Mary Devotion, of ye church of Boston at Muddy River. [Page 118]

Persons who owned the covenant.
Jany 27. 1754 Isaac Gardiner A. M. of Brookline [Page 112.]

Baptisms 1756
May 9 Mary, the daughter of Isaac Gardiner A. M. of Brookline. [Page 150]

Died 1681
M. 3 day 20 A young infant of Dorman Mareene an Irishman living at Muddy River, the child not Baptized. [Page 184]

Baptisms 1753
Decr. 11 Margaret daughter of John Newell of Brookline [Page 148.]

Baptized 1684
M. II d. 31 John Parker of Muddy River. [Page 185]

Baptized 1652
Month 10 day 5 Mary Sharp daughter to Goodman Sharp of Moody River. [Page 120.]

Baptized 1644
Month I day 23 Desire truth the daughter Muddy River, whose wife is of Boston Church. of Will. Thorne living at [Page 116]

Baptized 1647
Month 3 day 9 Hannah Thorne daughter of William Thorne [Page 117]

Baptized 1677
Month 2 day 29 John White Senior. of Muddy River was received with good acceptance.[Page 92.]

Baptisms 1753
Decr. 11 James son of Isaac Winchester of Brookline. [Page 148.]

Baptisms 1755
March 30 -- the -- of -- Woodward, Brookline. [Page 149]
The Rev. John Eliot's Record of Church Members, Roxbury, Mass.

24d 9m 1661 Remember Palfrey a maid servant since wife to Peter Aspinwall. [Page 88.J

Baptized 1679
Month 1 day 9 Zabdiel son of Tho. Boyleston. [Page 134]

Month 5 24 day John Druse dyed in the wans & was there buryed. he acquited himselfe valiantly. [Page 182]

Persons who owned the covenant.
Feb. 15 Eliphalet Downer. [Page 113]

Printed in January, I896.