Streets of Brookline

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Brookline Village, Looking North on Washington St., circa 1865
From left to right:
  • Carriage in front of Kenrick Brothers, stoves and furnaces
  • Carriage in front of Marshall Russell, Grocer [unconfirmed]
  • Large tree in front of the house of Benjamin Davis
  • "Panterís Building" at the apex of Washington and Harvard streets
  • Behind the "Panterís Building" is the steeple of the Baptist Church on Harvard St.
  • Coming forward from the church is the "Rooney Building" which was later raised up one story to accommodate stores underneath and is still standing.
  • Foreground right is the train station. This was also the location of the telegraph office (sign visible) and the post office (washed out sign above)

Lantern Slide Collection #271