Streets of Brookline

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Shurtleff House, Boylston St.
Roughly located at 269 Boylston St. near the NE cprner with Cypress St. In a 1903 publication of the Historical Society entitled “Recollections of Brookline”, Mary W. Poor (daughter of Rev. John Pierce) wrote:

“Some of the more public-spirited of Brookline's citizens aspired to have an elegant and attractive school in which their sons could be fitted for college. I believe Mr. Richard Sullivan was one of the most active in carrying out this scheme. A structure worthy of beautiful Brookline was the result. It was built in 1820 and was modeled from a Greek temple, with Doric pillars, and was considered perfect as a work of art. It was commonly called the ‘Classical School.’ Well do I remember going to an exhibition in that school when a very young child… The surroundings of this classic hall were lovely. Just behind it was the sweet spot since called ‘Brignal Banks’ on the shore of the brook already described as the ‘New Lane’ brook. Some time after, a Mr. Hubbard bought this schoolhouse and built directly behind it a boarding house and in front of it a wooden gymnasium, the first ever heard of in these regions. Years after, Dr. Shurtleff bought the house and used the gymnasium, which had been moved to the south of the house, for a stable. The dear old classical school became his drawing room. The change greatly detracted from the beauty of this gem of architecture as viewed from the street, but it was a fine drawing room. “

Image Courtesy the Brookline Preservation Department