Streets of Brookline

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Brookline Village, Guild Block Building, circa 1903
Boylston St. looking west to the left; Washington St. on the right. Pictured from left to right:
[#164 Washington St.] On the corner of the Guild Block building, the faded sign of the previous owner of the grocery store, Francis H. Bacon, is still visible to the right. Thomas F. McMahon, who had been a clerk in Baconís store, took over the business when Bacon died in 1898.
[#172 Washington St.] Henderson Dairy and T. A. Conroy, Gas and Electric Fixtures.
[#174 Washington St.] Horace James, Mason
[#176 Washington St.] George P. Johnson Fish Co.
[#178 Washington St.] W. H. Pazolt, Sign and Carriage Painting; and F. H. McMahan, Plumber

Lantern Slide Collection #59