Streets of Brookline

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Hook & Ladder 1, Hose House 2, Circa 1895
The building, located today at 350 Washington St., across from the public library, is still standing and in use as the Public Safety Building. It was built in 1873 and first housed the George Stone Hook and Ladder Company. Shown is the first “Hook & Ladder #1” truck with Fred Foster and George Newcomb (driver). The fire stations were named according to the equipment stationed there.

There would be some confusing juggling of equipment following this photo:
  • 1897: New “Hook & Ladder #1” truck purchased. This original “Hook & Ladder #1” is renamed to “Hook & Ladder #2” and moved to the fire house in the Village Square.
  • 1899: This new “Hook & Ladder #1” truck is moved to the new Washington Sq. firehouse
  • 1899: The older “Hook & Ladder #2” is moved back to its original location at 340 Washington St. albeit with its new name.