Streets of Brookline

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The Macleod Family at 161 Harvard St.
Circa 1919, photographed by the carriage house, now the site of a large supermarket. Donald Finley Macleod was the long-time caretaker for the Wilson family at 161 Harvard St. A speculative identification of the people is (front to back, left to right):
  • Robert Macleod (son)
  • Christena Macleod (daughter)
  • Donald Finley Macleod (father)
  • Christena MacIver Macleod (mother)
  • Ernest Macleod (son)
  • Christena Macleod (daughter)
  • Almon Macleod (son)

From the photo album of the family of Donald Finley Macleod, caretaker of 161 Harvard St.