Streets of Brookline

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Brookline Village, circa 1904
The eastern side of Harvard Sq. and Washington St. can be described in three sections defined by the side streets of Kent and Andem Place. All these buildings are still standing. From left to right:

The National Bank building on the east side of Harvard St., between Webster Pl. and Kent St., is still standing. It housed the National Bank and the Post Office on the first floor. The horse-watering fountain in the middle of Harvard Sq. is also visible.

Between Kent St. and Andem Pl. there are three buildings known as the Rooney Block, they are addressed as Harvard Sq.
  • In the first building are C. A. Delano, Dry Goods, at #9 Harvard Sq.; and George M. Harper, Fish, at #6 Harvard Sq. (awning visible).
  • In the one-story middle building, #5 Harvard Sq., is Horace E. Smith, Provisions.
  • The right-hand building (the upper floors were later rebuilt in brick) houses Paine Brothers (Henry K. and Isaac), Plumbers, at #3 Harvard Sq.; and James Rooney Boots & Shoes at #1 Harvard Sq. In between is the door for #2, a rooming house called Somerset House. In a photo from 1908 there is a sign announcing Board and Room By Day or Week, Single Meals

Between Andem Place and Station St. are three large buildings, known as the Colonnade Buildings, all still standing.
Left Building
  • On the corner at #241-243 Washington St. stands the Harvard Sq. Pharmacy, run by David C. Hickey.
  • At #239 is the newsstand and stationary store of William Dexter Paine who was a son of Isaac Paine of the previously mentioned plumbing store.
  • Nestled between the awnings of #239 and #235 is the door at #237 Washington leading to establishments upstairs. The awning for T. J. Turley & Son, tailors, is visible as is the window sign for Mrs. J. F. Hickey, dressmaker.
  • Back on the first floor at #235 the awning of Everett E. Pierce, baker and caterer, is visible. To the right of him is the door for #231 leading to the several businesses upstairs.
Middle Building
The middle building still displays the Colonnade Buildings lettering today.
  • The last store on the right, at #219 Washington St., is Frank Russell, real estate
Right Building
  • The Edwin F. Crosby plumbing and kitchen goods store is on the left at #213 and #211
  • On the right-side corner is Nelson Bros., Grocers, at #205 Washington St.

[Courtesy of the Digital Commonwealth (CC BY-NC-ND). From the Brookline Photograph Collection published by the Public Library of Brookline]