Streets of Brookline

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Beacon St., East of Washington Sq., 1896
Looking west on Beacon St. just before the intersection with Washington St. From left to right:
  • South side of Beacon St.: unidentified apartment building
  • 1680 Beacon St., still standing, opposite Winthrop Rd.
  • 1668 Beacon St.: the white house, no longer standing.
  • Center photo, the northwest corner of Washington St.: a small one-room building with large lettering on three sides
  • Right, obscured by trees: three houses possibly on the northeast corner with Washington St.
  • Near right, behind the pipes: the pedestrian stairs by Lancaster Terrace

[Courtesy of the Digital Commonwealth (CC BY-NC-ND). From the Metropolitan District Commission, Water Division, Metropolitan Water Works Photograph Collection, 1876-1930]