Streets of Brookline

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Beacon St. at Summit Ave., 1936
At the entrance to Summit Ave. There are posters in several windows advertising the movies “Desire”, starring Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper, and “The Country Doctor. Both are from 1936. Shown from right to left are:
  • #1406-1408, apartments
  • #1410, S. M. Morse, tailor
  • #1410A, vacant
  • #1412, Radio Market Co., Meats
  • #1412A, Greater Boston Cleansers and Dyers, possibly vacant
  • #1412B, Summit Pharmacy (note man holding a tripod and camera(?) in front)
  • #1414, Henry’s Beauty Salon
  • #1414A, Economy Grocery, forerunner to Stop & Shop
  • #1414B, Henry Wong, laundry (note man in the window)

Courtesy, the Brookline Preservation Department