Streets of Brookline

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Houses on Marion St., 1887
Looking south from Beacon St., opposite Winchester St., at the rear of houses on Marion St. From left to right:
  • [81 Marion St.] Partial view of outbuildings of William H. Hill, Jr.
  • [81 Marion St.] Rear view of the tall house of William H. Hill, Jr., its carriage house is to the right. Some of the trees may be in the process of relocation to make way for the imminent expansion of Beacon St.
  • [99 Marion St.] Rear view of the George W. Armstrong house with two carriage houses in the rear
  • [106 Marion St.] Speculative. Front view of the Frances Haven house in the rear of the photo
  • [1425 Beacon St.] Partial view of the Cushing house on Beacon St.

From the 1887 photo series taken just before the widening of Beacon St., most likely by Augustine H. Folsom, a Boston photographer.

From the collection of Joel Shield