Streets of Brookline

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St. Mary's Church of the Assumption, circa 1873
The Church was built in the early 1850s between Andem Place and Station Street to serve the growing Catholic, mostly Irish, population of Brookline. The first service was held on Christmas day, 1853. The current church on Linden Place was opened in 1886 and this building was later incorporated into the Holtzer Cabot factory on Station St.

The photo is one of a series of stereoviews taken circa 1873-1876 by Richard Hills and son. There is a bit of an optical illusion in the left foreground. Shown is the wooden fence from the property on the other side of Andem Place.

[Courtesy of the Digital Commonwealth (CC BY-NC-ND). From the Brookline Photograph Collection published by the Public Library of Brookline]