People of Brookline

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Philip Richardson, 1882
1874 - 1948; architect; married, 1899, Dora Labouisse; parents: Henry Hobson Richardson and Julia Gorham Hayden; lived at 25 Cottage St.

Fifth of the six children of famed architect Henry Hobson Richardson and Julia Gorham Hayden. Graduated from Harvard in 1896 and followed in his fatherís footsteps as an architect. Served as a draftsman with McKim, Mead & White in New York from 1899 to 1909, then co-led Richardson, Barott & Richardson with his brother Frederick L.W. Richardson and Chauncey Barott for 20 years before practicing on his own. Converted a 19th century carriage house at 11 Welch Road (still standing) to his family home in 1916.