People of Brookline

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Henry Hyslop Richardson, 1882
1872 -1932 ; married, 1906, Elizabeth Leger Perry; parents: Henry Hobson Richardson and Julia Gorham Hayden; lived at 25 Cottage St.

Fourth of the six children of famed architect Henry Hobson Richardson and Julia Gorham Hayden. Graduated from Harvard in 1895. Worked for the Boston Elevated Railway Co. for seven years before going into the real estate business. He purchased the family home at 25 Cottage Street from his mother in 1915 and lived there until his death. Received a gold medal award from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1924 for the reclamation and replanting of "a neglected and uncared for wooded ravine, a tangle of fallen trees, briars, rank herbs and debris" behind the house.