People of Brookline

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Elizabeth (Bessie) Lowell Everett, 1882 [identity speculative]
1870-1951; never married; parents: Percival Lowell Everett and Elizabeth Davis Williams Weld.

Her father was the founder and president of the Third National Bank of Boston. Her mother died in 1875. In 1882, her father married Elizabeth Russell Fisher of Brookline whose family lived on Heath Street at the corner of Boylston Street. Elizabeth later lived in Lynn, but moved to Brookline after her fatherís death in 1908. She lived in Concord from 1914 to the end of her life with Mary A. Barrett, a former nurse with whom Elizabeth had worked at a boarding house run by the Boston YWCA. Elizabeth was on the staff of the Boston Athenaeum as a young woman and later became a writer and lecturer on U.S. and local history. During World War I she served on the State Commission for the Blind and helped in relief efforts after the Halifax Explosion in 1917 in which many people were blinded.