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Hose Company #3, Chapel St. Station, Early 1880s
Located across the tracks of the Boston and Albany Railroad at the Chapel St. station. At the time, Carlton St. dipped down to the station. Along the tracks on the other side were several privately-owned buildings where this brick and wood stable owned by Dr. William K. Lawrence was used by Hose Company #3 to store their engine.

In late 1882, a Babcock Chemical Engine acquired by the town and housed nearby on Carlton St. A new company, Chemical Engine #1, was created and appears to have merged with Hose Company #3 in the next year. Chemical Engine #1 moved to their own building at 86 Monmouth St. when it opened in early 1887.

There appear to be two large extinguisher tanks, characteristic of chemical engines, at the front of the wagon in the photo.

Reprinted by permission of the Boston Publishing Company, Inc.