Ethel Stanwood Bolton 1886 Gem Tintype Photo Album

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Fred Garrison Hall, 1886
1879 – 1946; married, 1909, Evelyn Orville Ames; parents: Joseph Thomas Hall, Myra Garrison;

The Hall family lived at 99 High St. circa 1883-1889. The parents, Joseph Thomas Hall and Myra Isabelle Garrison had previously been living in Baltimore. The fact that the last known records for Joseph Hall are from 1880 and that Frederick’s younger brother, Irving Kent was born in September 1881 would indicate that the elder Hall died in early 1881. Fred Garrison Hall married Evelyn Orville Ames in 1909 after graduating from Harvard. He was trained as an architect but became an etcher whose works are in museums around the world. His first wife, Evelyn, died in December of 1940. He continued to live in their home at 260 Beacon St., Boston, then married Ariel Perry and moved to 360 Beacon St., Boston.
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