Brookline Historical Society
Aspinwall Ave. Area

Aspinwall Ave. & Harrison St., November 1915
Looking west. Horse-drawn cart is in front of #194, Harrison St. comes in after that.
[Source: Olmsted]
Aspinwall Ave. & Toxteth St., November 1915
Looking west just before Toxteth St. #168 Aspinwall Ave. is the first house on the right.
[Source: Olmsted]
114-98 Brook St., March 1, 1921
All buildings still standing except McDonnell's. Martin F. McDonnell had the grocery store at 110 Brook St. from 1904 - 1921.
[Source: Olmsted]
Lawrence School, Francis St.
Named after Amos A. Lawrence. Replaced in 1929.
Lawrence School, Francis St., circa 1894
Building no longer standing
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