Streets of Brookline

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Lower Washington St., mid 1930s
This is one of three photos taken of this block. Looking west toward the start of Boylston St. From left to right:
  • The fire house, still standing
  • The Brookline Savings Bank, building still standing
  • The tall brick building known as the “Sagamore” which housed Burns Drug Co. at 127 Washington St., visible on the right side
  • The Davis Candy Shop at 121 Washington St.
  • The van of Leslie W. Whalen, a Brookline mover
  • A car advertising Brick Bradford, a science-fiction comic strip in Boston’s Daily Record newspaper
  • Partial view of The Village Spa at 115 Washington St., run by the Rozantes family who lived upstairs above the store.

[Courtesy of Historic New England]