Streets of Brookline

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Family Members of John Lowell Gardner at 135 Warren St., 1864
The house is still standing today. The initial version of the house was built in 1806 by Nathaniel Ingersoll, one of several wealthy international-trade merchants who had houses in the immediate area. John Lowell Gardner purchased the house in 1842 and a number of additions were made over the years.

In April 1860, Gardnerís son, John Lowell Gardner II, married the now well-known Isabella Stewart Gardner and they immediately moved into the house. This is one of two photos of family members that appear to have been taken at about the same time. For this photo the hosting web site speculates that, from left to right, appear (ages and their relationship to John Lowell Gardner, Sr. are noted):
  • John Lowell Gardner, Jr., son (26)
  • Catherine Peabody Gardner, wife (56)
  • Joseph Peabody Gardner, (36)
  • Harriet Amory Gardner, wife of son, Joseph
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner, wife of son, John (24)
  • John Lowell Gardner, Sr. (60)

Courtesy, the National Gallery of Art