Streets of Brookline

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322 Walnut St.
This house was built in 1715 by Samuel Clark (the 2nd) and was eventually occupied by six generations of the Clark family until its demolition in 1902. Samuel Clark from the fifth generation eventually took over the house. When, in 1862, he built a house for himself next door, at 310 Walnut St., his daughter, Helen, and her husband, William S. Cutler assumed ownership of the house. When they moved to a new house steps away on Chestnut St., they rented out the Clark house.

The house was rented by Alma Charity Mears Macallister, “Mrs. Richard Macallister”, the woman posed in front of the house. She had been living in India where her husband ran cotton/jute/hemp mill operations employing more than 1,400 workers and where he was also vice-consul general for the United States. When he died in April, 1882, at the age of 52, Alma returned to the United States with her son, Richard, who had spent his entire 13 years in India. After living in Brookline Village for a few months they moved to the Clark house in 1883. In 1898, the two moved around the corner to 31 Clark Road and the Clark house remained empty until it was demolished in 1902.

Gift of Sewell Cutler