Streets of Brookline

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Brookline Village, circa 1898
Special Notes:
  • There were three major snowstorms around this time that can be considered in dating this photo: February 13, 1899; November 27, 1898; and January 28, 1897
  • There is a large unexplained group of men massed outside the front door of the T. H. Dyer store.
From left to right in the group of buildings in the center of the photo:
  • 287-289 Washington St. The sign is not legible
  • 285 Washington St., the post office. By 1902, it had moved over to the National Bank Building, a few doors to the right and across Harvard St.
  • 279 Washington St.. The store of Nelson C. Thompson who took over the furniture and upholstery business from his father.
  • 13 Harvard Sq., the grocery store of T. H. Dyer. li>
  • 11 Harvard Sq., Frank F. Seamens, Groceries
  • 4 Harvard St. (on the right side of the Harvard Hall building), entrances to upstairs businesses: Brookline Co-op Bank; Riverdale Press; Brookline Chronicle, Charles A.W. Spencer, proprietor.
  • 8 Harvard St. (on the right side of the Harvard Hall building), the sign for Charlie Sing, Laundry is visible.
  • Also visible in the right foreground corner of the photo is the partially obscured “Catering” sign for the store of Everett E. Pierce, baker and caterer.

Image Courtesy the Brookline Preservation Department