Streets of Brookline

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Charles E. Schmalz, Haircutter, circa 1901
238 Washington St., Brookline Village, the southwest corner of Davis Ave. The St. Andrew Building, still standing, remains virtually unchanged today. Traceable names of those working at the shop in 1901 are hairdressers Charles E. Schmalz, Adolf Koffinke, William Pebler, William Pickering, and John J. Moloney and boot black Samuel Short.

Charles Schmalz had a remarkably long working life in Brookline and maintained his business at 238 Washington for over fifty years. Here is his Brookline timeline:
  • [1883-1896] By the age of 18, and possibly several years before that, he begins work at the barbershop of Peter Keiser at 157 Washington St., situated roughly at the western edge of today's Hearthstone Plaza. He lives upstairs above the shop until 1887. It appears that Keiser is his uncle.
  • [1895] Runs the shop at 157 Washington St. Peter Keiser remains the owner but no longer works there.
  • [1897] Opens his own shop at 238 Washington St. Peter Keiser returns to his old business.
  • [1897-1949] Continues to maintain his business at 238 Washington St., apparently working there into the 1940s when he would have been in his seventies
  • [1954] Dies at the age of 88

From the collection of Joel Shield