Streets of Brookline

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Harvard Square, Brookline Village, circa 1901
Washington St. continuing to the left, Harvard St. to the right. The Panter's Building has been sold and renamed to the Harvard Hall building. From left to right:
  • Post Office
  • 279 Washington St., the store of Nelson C. Thompson who took over the furniture and upholstery business from his father.
  • The stores of Thomas H. Dyer, grocer, and Frank F. Seamens, Groceries. Both would remain until 1904 when the building was being prepped for replacement with the building that stands today. Dyer would hang on into 1905 in the building’s reduced and dilapidated state, as litigation was resolved.
  • The E. S. Morse making deliveries of what is likely coal. The horses are drinking at the fountain.
  • National Bank building at 1-5 Harvard St., still standing.

Lantern Slide Collection #260