Streets of Brookline

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Corey Hill
Viewed from Beacon St., From left to right:
  • 1600 Beacon St., Eben Jordan Mansion (built 1890)
  • 72 York Terrace, white house at the top of the hill, (still standing)
  • 2 Mason Terrace, black house coming forward, (still standing)
  • 57 York Terrace, house with the huge tower, (still standing, tower removed in 1938)
  • Summit Path
  • 5 Mason Terrace, rear view with a gazebo on the left, (still standing)
  • 12 Mason Terrace, up the hill from #5 (still standing)
  • 50 York Terrace, rear, blurry white house, (still standing)
  • 22 Mason Terrace, coming forward (still standing)
  • 44 York Terrace, arched roof line, (still standing)
  • 43 Lancaster Terrace
  • 1566 Beacon St., partial view of the corner of the house

Image Courtesy the Brookline Preservation Department