Streets of Brookline

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Brookline Village, circa 1900
In the darkened building on the left:
  • 220 Washington St., a partial view of F. E. Palmer, Florist
  • 222 Washington St., sign in the window for the upstairs office of Frank G. Russell, Real Estate and Fire Insurance
  • 222 Washington St., the upstairs office of John F. Fleming, gasfitter
  • 224 Washington St., Young & Brown, pharmacy
In the center:
  • 279 Washington St.. the store of Nelson C. Thompson who took over the furniture and upholstery business from his father.
  • 13 Harvard Sq., the grocery store of T. H. Dyer.
  • 11 Harvard Sq., Frank F. Seamens, Groceries
  • 4 Harvard St. (on the right side of the Harvard Hall building), entrances to upstairs businesses: Brookline Co-op Bank; Riverdale Press; Brookline Chronicle, Charles A.W. Spencer, proprietor.
  • 8 Harvard St. (on the right side of the Harvard Hall building), the sign for Charlie Sing, Laundry is visible.
On the right:
  • 239-241 Washington St., William H. Butler, Apothecary
  • 235 Washington St., Everett E. Pierce, baker and caterer, right side of the first Colonnade Building
  • 227 Washington St., upstairs sign for Charles A. Lunney, Plumber is visible, above the wagon, in the second Colonnade Building

[Courtesy of the Digital Commonwealth (CC BY-NC-ND). From the Brookline Photograph Collection published by the Public Library of Brookline]