Streets of Brookline

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Beacon St., 1930
Looking at the south side of Coolidge Corner just west of Harvard St. All the buildings are still standing except for the church. From left to right:
  • 1341 Beacon St.: Brookline Trust Co.
  • 1343 Beacon St.: Thomas Fish Market
  • 1345 Beacon St.: Coolidge Corner Woman's Exchange
  • 1349 Beacon St.: Morgan Bros. Creamery
  • 1351 Beacon St.: C. G. Howes, Cleaners
  • 1351A Beacon St.: Personal Bookshop and Lending Library
  • 1353 Beacon St.: entrance to upstairs apartments
  • 1353A Beacon St.: appears empty. The Brookline Beauty Shoppe was there until the end of 1929; the Brookline Chamber of Commerce opened there in September, 1930.
  • 1355 Beacon St.: Beacon Market (Joseph F. Heald, proprietor)
  • 1357 Beacon St.: Kidder, Peabody & Co. Investments and Securities
  • 1361 Beacon St.: Wilfred L. Steeves, Hardware, Electricians, Locksmiths
  • 1363 Beacon St.: Gammon Drug Co.
  • 1373 Beacon St.: Baptist Church
  • 1375 Beacon St.: J. W. Rogers, Florist
  • 1397 Beacon St.: side of the apartment building