People of Brookline

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Robert Whitman Atkinson, 1882
1869 - 1934; parents: Edward Atkinson and Mary Caroline Heath; married, 1904, Elizabeth Bispham Page; lived on Heath St.

One of the three siblings featured in this album, out of a total nine children. Graduated from Harvard in 1891. Studied music in Munich for three years and became a pianist, organist, and composer. His wife’s brother, architect George Bispham Page, designed a new home (still standing) for them at 38 Heath Street in 1906 . One of Robert's grandsons is the actor Sam Waterston (full name Samuel Atkinson Waterston), born six years after his grandfather’s death. His father was president of the Fire Insurance Co., the inventor of the Aladdin oven, a prolific author of tracts about economics, and a prominent businessman in Boston. His mother was a direct descendant of General William Heath, a right-hand man of George Washington during the Revolution.