People of Brookline

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Alice Maud Russell Sturgis, 1882
1868 - 1964; married, 1924, William Haynes-Smith; parents: John Hubbard Sturgis and Frances Ann Codman; lived on Boylston by the reservoir, later moved to Summit Ave.

Born in England. Her father was a prominent architect whose firm Sturgis and Brigham designed the original building of the Museum of Fine Arts in Copley Square and many other Massachusetts buildings. In 1924, Maud, as she was known, married William Haynes-Smith in Manchester-by-the-Sea where her family had a home. Haynes-Smith was born in 1871 in British Guiana where his father was a colonial official. Haynes-Smith was the long-time partner of the writer Howard Sturgis, the younger brother of Maud’s father. The two men lived together until Sturgis' death in 1920 at an estate called Queen’s Acre near London where they "frequently and happily entertained a wide circle of friends, among them [Henry] James and Edith Wharton, " according to the New York Review of Books. Maud and her husband were both in their 50s when they married. They made frequent and often lengthy visits to Boston from their estate in England. Maud moved back to Boston permanently after the death of her husband in 1937. She died at the age of 95 in 1964. Her funeral was held in the Church of the Advent in Beacon Hill, designed by her father.