People of Brookline

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Susannah Heath Goddard Phillips and Son, John, circa 1849
1816 - 1901; married, 1838, Rev. Lebbeus Rude Phillips; parents : John Heath Goddard and Almira Porter; John: 1848 - 1926

The extended Goddard family was centered for many generations at the house on Warren St. and the large extended Goddard family has numerous connections to other well-known Brookline family names. Susannah’s grandfather, John Goddard, (1730-1816) lived there and her father, Dr. John Goddard (1756-1829) lived there until marrying and moving to Portsmouth, NH. In her childhood, Susannah and her family were regular visitors to the old Brookline mansion. Her youngest daughter, Helen Elizabeth Phillips, died in Brookline in 1881.