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Lower Washington St., Brookline Village, circa 1905
The businesses viewed here, along the south side of Lower Washington St., were together at this location from 1904 - 1906. They, along with the old Hose House #1, were demolished 1907-8. The current smaller location hosts the replacement fire station, still in use today, which opened in 1909. Note the man with his wheeled bucket, center photo, presumably scooping up horse droppings. Viewed from left to right:
-An enigmatic sign over the alleyway that seems to advertise a shooting gallery.
-A “boot black” store sharing #126 Washington St. with William Frawley, shoemaker
-C. E. Riley, Cigars at #128 Washington St.
-George W. Rix, Provisions and Transfer Market (awning) #132 Washington St.
-Sing Lee, laundry, who was at #134 Washington St. for over 20 years
-Hose House #1 and Chemical Engine #1 at #140 Washington St.
-P. J. Burns, Horse Shoe Forge at #152 Washington St.

Lantern Slide Collection #60