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Pleasant St. Houses
Photographed from the Thomas Sears house on the southern side of Beacon St. Looking at the James Stearns property on the north side. Foreground, right: The greenhouse and carriage house at the rear of the property. Center: Side view of the Watson Freeman house at 49 Pleasant St. Left: rear of the James Stearns house at 31 Pleasant St.
[Source: Smithsonian]
Winchester St., November 1915
Looking southeast toward Williams St. Left to right: #75 (no longer standing), 73/71, 67, Williams St intersection., apartment building on the southeast corner of Williams St.
[Source: Olmsted]
Winchester St., November 1915
Looking west. Small brick building is the front projection of a larger brick structure that still stands. It housed the Corey Hill Garage for automobiles (note the gas pump out front) and also housed stables. In the background is 64 Winchester which also still stands. Note houses from Atherton St. on the hillside above.
[Source: Olmsted]
Wellman St., November 1915
Photo left: side view of house at 35/37 Winchester St., apartment building at 9-15 Wellman, both still standing. Photo, center rear left: 53 Centre St. (partial view), still standing, garage on the right is not. Photo, right: apartment building is still standing, house in foreground (29/31 Winchester St.) is not.
[Source: Olmsted]
Currently unidentified. A new development possibly next to the old Babcock Pond?
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